October 11, 2017

Son of Trump Administration Official Invested in Pot

October 11, 2017
The Son of a Trump administration official invested more than a half million dollars in pot. Shane McMahon invested in EnviroGrow in 2015.

Son of Trump Administration Official Invested More than $500,000 in Pot

The New York Daily News is reporting Shane McMahon has invested half a million dollars in a marijuana startup company. McMahon is the son of Linda McMahon, who has been in charge of the U.S. Small Business Administration since February.

McMahon invested in EnviroGrow in 2015 and is now suing the company for misrepresenting the company’s progress at the time he invested. EnviroGrow is a Connecticut based business that makes high-tech pods made for growing marijuana. The cultivation modules resemble shipping containers and are sold to legal marijuana states. The modules are made to prevent theft and are built for day and night cultivation. EnviroGrow disputes the lawsuit.

Volunteer firefighter Joseph Palmieri started the company in 2012. He also owns an environmental cleanup company. The CEO of EnviroGrow Dan Williams says that they have been advertising their pot pods a short time and have several buyers in Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and California.

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been quite critical of marijuana. He has already put together a task force to dismantle the previous administrations’ policies that protects states with legalized marijuana from federal prosecution. During a news conference in September, he said that “It doesn’t strike me that the country would be better if it’s being sold on every street corner.”

He has also made comments stating that, “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” A Justice Department deputy attorney general named James Cole wrote the Cole memo in 2013 which detailed how the federal government should deal with states with legal weed. The memo advised the Justice Department to postpone acting on federal prosecution laws when states have firm regulations regarding cannabis legislation. Sessions has suggested that he may revoke the memo.

Attempts to reach McMahon for a comment were not successful, as well as attempts to reach Linda McMahon or the Small Business Administration.

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