January 4, 2018

Vermont House Passes Bill to Make Cannabis Legal for Adults

January 4, 2018
Vermont poised to become the first state to legalize adults’ possession and cultivation of marijuana legislatively.

Governor Scott Indicated that he Intends to Sign H.511 into Law

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Only a few hours after Jeff Sessions announced that he was rescinding the federal government’s policy on states with legal marijuana, Vermont legalized weed. The bill to legalize adult-use cannabis passed the House Thursday evening.

After spending the entire day debating proposed legislation, lawmakers voted 81-63 in favor of legalizing marijuana. Adults 21 of age and older will be permitted to grow and possess marijuana once the Senate approves the measure and Republican Governor Phil Scott signs the bill. The new law will be implemented in July of this year. The governor blocked a similar bill previously but has said that he would sign the bill passed by the house.

The state almost legalized marijuana last year when both sides approved legislation, but it was vetoed by Gov. Scott, who provided guidelines needed to get his okay on the bill. The Senate made changes but once the House got the bill, changes weren’t made in a timely fashion and the bill wasn’t passed.


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