Flaming Skull Tree Perc Bong


Flaming Skull Beaker Base 10-arm Tree Perc Ice Bong

Constructed from thick 7.0 mm thick amber-colored glass, Flaming Skull's 10-arm Tree Perc Ice Bong is clear glass where the action happens, so you can watch your smoke break up into billions of bubbles! The wide, stable beaker base provides plenty of volume so your smoke begins to cool down even before it reaches the ice notches in the cylinder, which measures 50mm in diameter and 65mm at the clear perc section. This bong features a tough, double-thick bi-stable joint with an 18.8mm diffuser downstem and a big amber-colored slide bowl with rollstoppers. The cool Flaming Skull logo is emblazoned on the cylinder in silver just below the comfortable, thick glass mouthpiece.

  • Stable beaker base
  • 10-arm tree perc
  • Silver Flaming Skull logo
  • Big bowl with rollstoppers included
  • Ice notches
  • No carb hole

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flaming skull bong
flaming skull bong close up

Price: $136.00

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