Weed Star Heady Glass Bubbler - Spiked Marble with Tentacles


Glass Bubbler - Spiked Marble with Tentacles

This is another brilliant heady glass pipe from Weed Star. This glass bubbler is cobalt blue in background with a number of yellow, blue and white switchback designs throughout. At the center of the pipe there is a spiked galaxy marble. The deep bowl has the switchback design and the front of the pipe has the same design. There are two clear glass with orange lined tentacles protruding from the glass bowl and another one come out from the bottom of the bowl. There is also a carb hole on the left side of the bowl. The deep bowl feeds through a cobalt blue tube up to the disc shaped mouthpiece with the same yellow, blue and white switchback design. There are a further two tentacles which stick out from the mouthpiece. This heady pipe is another beautiful and functional heady glass piece from Weed Star.

Manufacturer: Weed Star

Production Line: Heady Pipes

Extra Features: 5 Glass Tentacles, Spiked Galaxy Marble, Disc Shaped Mouthpiece

Weight: 190g

Size: 140mm x 70mm

Price: $101.38

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glass bubbler - spike marble with tentacles

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