March 18, 2012

How Do You Store Your Marijuana?

March 18, 2012
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Marijuana Dispensary jarHow You Store Your Marijuana Stash Is Important

For most people in America, marijuana is expensive. To marijuana consumers, marijuana is a cherished item that is the center of attention. Yet, a majority of American marijuana consumers store their marijuana in plastic sandwich bags. I admit it, I am guilty myself. Ninjasmoker always criticizes me for not using the perfectly good mason jars next to our server. I guess you could say I’m just stubborn :)

What you store your marijuana in says a lot about you. For most of high school I had the same container that I kept all my marijuana in. It was a wooden Russian doll piece that split in half and could hold about 7 grams of marijuana. I will never forget the day I lost it. I still expect to come across it one of these days, with the prime sweet tooth strain still inside…For most people I know that don’t use plastic bags to store their marijuana in, their marijuana storage container of choice has a lot of personality. Rarely have I seen someone with a marijuana storage container that didn’t have distinguishing features that reflected the owners personality.

Some of my favorites are tins with awesome logos on them. Or antique jars that used to store grandma’s spices, and now it’s storing OG Kush. People that use the same container get a lot of crystal buildup, which is always impress. Plus once in awhile the owner can scrap it and enjoy quite a treat. There are countless people out there that store their marijuana in pill containers, mason jars, tupperware containers, etc. The craziest thing that I have ever seen someone store marijuana in is their beard. My hippie friend John would always store an eighth of marijuana in his beard when he left the house. Of course, that requires a pretty mean beard!

I will never forget the first time I saw a vacuum food sealer in action. My best friend sold a lot of marijuana during our teenage years, and in the mid 90’s he bought a vacuum food sealer to keep his inventory fresh. I was so impressed by how air tight and easy the seal was, and how fresh the marijuana smelled every time we would crack open the sealed bags. I have never done a side-by-side test, but the difference in keeping stuff fresh is undeniable when compared to regular bags

It always amuses me how marijuana consumers have resulted in a ‘jar technology evolution’ the likes of which haven’t been seen since the jam revolution (not a real thing fyi…). I think the most impressive marijuana storage container on the market right now is the Bud Vac. Let me be straight up — I do not know the people that own Bud Vac. I have only talked to the guy that was at the Spring Gathering. So for what it’s worth, readers can take my opinion as they wish, and try the product out themselves.

bud vac jarAs you can see in the picture, it’s a basic glass jar like we’ve all seen at grandma’s house. However, the secret is in the lid. The only way I can describe it is they put Reebok Pump technology in the lid. You put the product in the jar, close the lid, use the handheld device to extract the air, and you have the most airtight container on the market.

You have the benefit of a glass jar (no dioxins, etc), yet you have the air seal of a food vac bag (plus there’s no chance of crushing the product like with a food vac). It’s absolutely fantastic! The guy at the Spring Gathering was letting people try to open the container once it was sealed. I saw some monster dudes try and try, yet they could never open the jar. The guy giving the demonstration said it has only opened one time, and that’s because he didn’t pump the device as much as he could have.

For those of you that are worried about the seal being so strong that it won’t open, and your precious chronic is hostage to the glass prison, don’t fear! Just like we did with the Reebok Pumps of the early 90?s, you just press the rubber button on the jar and woosh, all the air comes out. Your stinky, sticky goodness is ready to consume, fresh as the day you put it in the jar. It’s the most simple, yet super bad ass idea I have seen. Below is a video from High Times that sheds more light on the subject of marijuana storage. If you have something that you would like to add to the discussion, please do so that others can benefit from your knowledge!!!



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