June 27, 2012

How To Get Free Marijuana Seeds From The World’s Greatest Seed Banks

June 27, 2012
cannabis seeds for sale

cannabis seeds for saleYou Can Now Order From Over 100 Seed Banks On One Website

It may seem hard to believe, but buying cannabis seeds online with free shipping, and free seeds thrown in has become commonplace with the emergence of marijuana seed superstore websites like Cannabis Seeds For Sale. They are basically hubs where the world’s top seed banks offer seeds side-by-side with their competitors. For growers, it finally means you can see how different seed banks measure up on price, and selection. What’s even better, is that it’s now simple to find just about any strains such as Chemdog, BC Blueberry, and Master Haze, all in one place!

All the top seed banks now offer free seeds as a way of building goodwill with growers, and showcasing new strains, so you shouldn’t order seeds from a website that doesn’t offer you free seeds. If you are looking for free seeds, a comprehensive selection of strains, and a company with over 35 years experience as a trusted source of the worlds best seeds, check out Cannabis Seeds For Sale. They are based out of the UK, and offer seeds from over 100 seed banks. They provide free seeds with every order, and free shipping if you spend over $75!

Each month, they offer 25% off all seeds from a selected seed bank. This month it’s Vulkania Seeds,–artisans of cannabis from the Canary Islands. Their feminized cannabis seedbank produces organic marijuana seeds through a traditional and ecological production process.

And hey, I’m not gonna hide it: Cannabis Seeds For Sale is our latest sponsor, so when you buy seeds from them, you are helping keep TWB going strong. We strive to provide quality content without selling out, so you can trust that we don’t give out our endorsement lightly.

If you want to see what Cannabis Seeds For Sale has to offer, or you are looking for a hard to find strain, or you simply want to find out about getting some free seeds, visit their site by clicking the link below:


Happy growing!


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