June 25, 2010

TWB Commentary – Marijuana and Video Games

June 25, 2010
Weed and Video Games

If you have been following us, you are most likely familiar with Miguel. He brings a very real world prospective to TWB and we have invited him to permanently join our efforts. You can always check out his work on his personal blog at https://brothercanyouspareadimebag.blogspot.com/.

Marijuana and gaming go together like peanut butter and jelly, like porn and the internet, one just makes the other that much better. If Microsoft did anything right it was bring us the Xbox 360, now in a sleeker meaner looking package.

Some of you may be PlayStation people and deep down inside I am but my checkbook isn’t, even though the online play for PlayStation is free for Xbox it’s a monthly or yearly rate.

The online option is my favorite part of gaming these days. Playing individuals from across the world is amazing. For awhile it was a guarantee while playing Halo I was playing with a Marine in Japan.

It’s very rare but it does happen that I play somebody locally and on one of those occasions I made a marijuana connection. He had some Diesel and I had a couple hundred to burn for about an eighth. At first I felt ripped off but when it lasted me about 2 months I kept my mouth shut after that plus according to High Times it was the going rate.

I’m definitely not the only late night stoner, half of the other gamertags I encounter are 420 something or another (mine is Miggy420), feel free to add me I play around midnight Arizona time.

When I say marijuana and gaming go together, I’m not saying it marijuana makes you better, I’m just saying its hell of fun. Even though I can kick some major ass under the influence (I make a very good virtual driver) I’m not saying it makes me any better.

The neat thing about gaming under the influence is I can tell automatically how just drinking, just smoking, or the combination of the two effects me and clearly just drinking by itself turns my gaming experience into a bunch of cursing and that’s mostly from my teammates.

If just drinking my playing goes from pretty good to extremely shitty in about two hours. My thinking and motor skills become completely shot. There’s a point when I just eventually give up. Smoking on the other hand can last until I become drowsy (can’t afford the good green just the sleepy kind) and the combination of the two turns me into a virtual killing machine. If I’m not playing good I’m at least pretty funny to listen to. I think the reason for lasting longer under the influence of the two is the alcohol can heighten the amount of sugar in your body. Ever drink late at night than can’t fall asleep?

Gaming and altered states seem to be part of the human condition. Did you know it took 44 years for “laughing gas” to be used as an anesthetic? Before that it was a recreational party drug and let us not forget parlor games played in opium dens and bars. It just seems to me that as human beings its a natural desire not to be sober, add games on top of that and now you have a party — we just like to have fun.

I’ll never tell you marijuana makes me or anyone else better at anything we do but I will tell you it sure makes it a hell of a lot more fun.

If you get a chance get “Chile Con Carnage” for the PSP. There you will be avenging your father’s death against the Mexican Cartel and at one point you have to destroy their farm with pot leafs on the crates. Yes my friends, marijuana, gaming, and the internet were meant for each other.


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