April 5, 2017

Culinary Cannabis: Chef Leather Storrs

April 5, 2017
Leather Storrs

As the cannabis industry continues to emerge with legalization, so do the various sectors within it.  Cannabis events and private cannabis-themed dinners and parties are one sector of the industry that we have seen growing across the country. This allows professionals from other industries, in this case chefs and others from the food and beverage industry, to use their skills in cannabis.  One of those professionals whom I have had the pleasure of meeting is Leather Storrs,

Leather Storrs is the Chef and co-owner of Noble Rot in Portland Oregon and holds an extensive culinary background. In addition to many appearances on local stations, Storrs competed on, and won, an episode of “Extreme Chef” on the Food Network.

Storrs contributes videos regularly and covers topics from dosing to flavor to perfecting your cannabis dinner.  I have had the opportunity to attend 2 private events that he was the lead chef for, including the Canna Society Soiree, where he prepared salmon, roasted beets, polenta, chocolate torts and even a beautiful, cannabis-themed cheese plate. Some of the food was infused with cannabis oil and some was not, but it was all amazing!

CannaSociety Soirée
Leather Storrs was the lead chef for the Canna Society Soiree as well as a few other private cannabis-infused dinners in Portland.         Photo credit: Amarett Jans

The Weed Blog has written several posts about how to cook with marijuana, but you can also learn more about how to cook with cannabis infused food for free here.

I recently learned more about Leather Storrs and his desire to expand his already very successful career in to cannabis and wanted to share that insight with you.  He is doing so much to pave the way for others who might consider breaking into this industry, and I appreciate the example he is setting!

1) What made you decide to breach the cannabis space after your extensive work and experience outside of the industry?

I love cooking and I’ve been a long time cannabis fan. The idea of those two joys colliding is my personal Resse’s Peanut butter cup.
2) What do you hope to do in the cannabis industry with your skills and unique insight?

I have found that most edibles are to be endured rather than enjoyed. I try to make edibles that take advantage of the unique flavor profiles and challenges in cannabis. Adding concentrate to an existing recipe is neither respectful nor challenging! In my dinners I try to inject fun and whimsy. Finally, I am keen on delivering a pleasant, delicious experience that doesn’t kick you (too hard!) in the brain.

3) How can we learn more about you and what you are doing?

Follow me on the social medias on instagram and twitter @Leatherstorrs or on fb. I have several videos on herbadvisors.com. My website, Leatherstorrs.com is in dire need of a refresh :)

For more information on cooking with cannabis, check out the classes offered here.


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