December 10, 2018

Grown Rogue Launches Edibles Line with World Renowned Chocolatier

December 10, 2018
Grown Rogue
Grown Rogue Launches Cannabis Edibles Line with Jeff Shepard, Edibles to be distributed in Oregon and California.

GrownRogue today announced a formal partnership with Jeff Shepherd, voted one of North America’s Top 10 Chocolatiers by Pastry Arts and Design to create a line of dark chocolate cannabis edibles. The partnership between Shepherd and Grown Rogue features THC and CBD infused chocolate products under the GRAM and Grown Rogue brands – both wholly owned by Grown Rogue International.

The Weed Blog has been following the excellent work that Grown Rogue has been doing both with their products and with their events, such as the Rogue Yoga with Jayne series they launched last fall. This company is doing so much to pioneer the normalization of the cannabis conversation, and we are thrilled to see them expand their business to edibles.

Jeff Shepherd has a world-renowned reputation and has received international awards for his organic, artisan chocolate creations. Based in Southern Oregon, just three miles from the Grown Rogue indoor cultivation center, his chocolate bars, truffles, and caramels have been a favorite of chocolate connoisseurs worldwide.  “For many years, I’ve been selectively searching for a cannabis company to partner with,” said Shepherd. “I knew after my first discussions with Grown Rogue’s co-founders, Obie and Sarah Strickler, that they were the right fit.”

Even before Shepherd and Grown Rogue joined forces, the points of alignment were clear and evident. Both parties pride themselves on organic best practices, both have long standing roots in the Southern Oregon community, and both have created respected brands that have garnered national attention.

“In carefully planning our edibles line, we wanted to find an expert that not only shared our values but shared our vision for the right experience for customers,” said Obie Strickler, CEO and Co-Founder. “Jeff and his team have been pillars of the community and create delicious products as well as delightful experiences so we were excited to know Jeff felt the same way towards our team,” added Sarah Strickler, Grown Rogue Co-Founder and Director of Community Relations.

Grown Rogue is fresh off some top honors they earned at the GrowClassic, an invitation-only competition hosted by Grow Magazine, in which the company was one of 31 elite growers from across the state of Oregon who entered the three-category competition. Grown Rogue took first place for Highest THC %, first place for Highest Terpenes % and third place in Growers Choice.

The first edible product that the partnership is distributing is under the GRAM brand – focused on quality, affordable cannabis edibles.  “The GRAM brand is the ideal way to launch our partnership as we gain market insights and establish our product line,” added Obie Strickler.  “In 2019, we will launch more edibles under our premium brand – Grown Rogue,” he said.

“As in many areas of the cannabis industry, most edible products have been invented with a ‘cannabis first’ thought process, but we decided that a more optimal path was to ensure that what we provide to consumers appeals to their senses in terms of look, taste, and aroma. To accomplish this vision, we partnered with one of the most respected chocolatiers in the industry – just in time to have product available for the holiday season,” noted Sarah Strickler.

GRAM Dark Chocolate edibles are now available in a select number of the 221 Oregon dispensaries that carry the Grown Rogue brands. Plans to distribute throughout California are in place for the first quarter of 2019.

About Grown Rogue

GrownRogueInternational(CSE: GRIN) is a vertically-integrated, multi-state cannabis brand specializing in “seed to experience” products through an experienced management team, state of the art indoor and outdoor manufacturing facilities, and a proprietary distribution platform featuring an exclusive partnership with Microsoft 365. Grown Rogue’s diverse product suite includes premium flower, patent-pending nitrogen sealed pre-rolls, oil and concentrate distillates, and most recently dark chocolate edibles featuring a partnership with a world-renowned chocolatier.


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