August 24, 2018

Tequila Mockingbird Cider

August 24, 2018
Nick Fillis of Xylem Cider Works demonstrates how to layer terpene profiles with cider & tequila for a combined effect

Nick Fillisof Xylem Cider WorksforTrue Terpenes


Featured Terpene Profiles –GG#4andDurban Poison


5 gallons base cider

Lime juice (or lime concentrate for more alcohol) to taste

Kiwi juice to back-sweeten to taste

White Wine Yeast (champagne)

Oak Chips (the darker the most toasted flavor you get)



Durban Poison


  1. Fresh juice would be best, but if you don’t have access to that, look for whatever juice hasn’t had sulfites added (sulfites will can slow or stall your fermentation).
  2. Depending on the tartness you desire, you can add fresh squeezed lime juice or, if you are looking for a boost in alcohol, a concentrate will work. However, the concentrate will give you a bit more of a limeade flavor.
  3. Add your yeast; a champagne yeast is going to give you the most alcohol and dry your cider out the most.
  4. While fermenting your cider, get oak chips from your local homebrew store and soak them in tequila.
  5. After your cider is done, transfer (measuring gravity/sugars) it off the yeast sediment and add your tequila-soaked oak chips for two weeks.
  6. Add 2ml of GG#4 and 2ml of Durban Poison with 8ml True Terpenes Diluent.
  7. Blend the cider with kiwi juice/puree and terpene blend to the desired sweetness level and keg.


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