September 29, 2020

A Collection of 50 Marijuana Strains and the Unique Qualities of Each

September 29, 2020
50 Strains of Marijuana for the 50 states.

We will explore the different marijuana strains by partnering them with selected states alphabetically. Enjoy the entire list, or scroll down to find your state and share this article with your friends and family to see if they agree. It’s also important to note that marijuana has two main types: indica and sativa. Indica strains are often remembered with the phrase, “in-da-couch,” because they induce relaxing, sedative effects, while sativa strains are more comparable to drinking a cup of coffee or feeling stimulated in some way! Finally, hybrids are a nice mixture of both: sometimes sativa dominant, sometimes indica dominant, and sometimes equal genetics from each.


Moonshine Haze (sativa-dominant hybrid)

This strain contains no CBD, CBN or THCV, yet still holds therapeutic value! Those suffering from chronic fatigue would get the best use out of this strain. Due to the absence of CBN, its sativa genetics give consumers an energy boost. The lack of THCV ensures the effects will last longer than strains with high THCV. The mild potency means that a wider range of people can medicate with Moonshine Haze, making it a great strain for people who need a sustainable source of energy. 


Atomic Northern Lights (indica-dominant hybrid)

Atomic Northern Lights is known for its rather high POTency. After looking at this strain’s cannabinoid profile, one can see why this particular strain is effective for inducing hunger. The strain’s high THC percentage, its lack of CBD and THCV,  and its indica dominant genetics, make an excellent combination that will stimulate appetite. 


Fire OG (indica-dominant hybrid)

Fire OG has a reputation for being one of the strongest OG strains in existence. This indica-dominant strain is a sure-FIRE way to help combat chronic depression. Stimulating hunger for those with trouble developing an appetite is another added bonus of this top-tiered strain. 


3x Crazy (indica-dominant hybrid)

3x Crazy, also known as “Optimus Prime,” is effective for relieving symptoms of PTSD and depression. 3x Crazy is particularly helpful in stimulating hunger because it does not contain THCV or CBD, which tend to act as appetite suppressants. Additionally, this strain contains amounts of THC and CBN which do increase appetite. 


LA Chocolat (hybrid)

LA Chocolat is a combination of LA Confidential (indica) and Chocolope (sativa). This hybrid strain is uniquely HIGH in both THC and CBD. This combination makes LA Chocolat a good strain for those in desperate need of pain relief from arthritis and other illnesses associated with chronic pain. The CBD content and the slight presence of THCV combat nausea as well. 

Blue Ice (hybrid)

Blue Ice has an interesting cannabinoid profile. It can help people treat a number of different conditions without having to purchase multiple strain types. A cross between White Widow and Pure Haze, Blue Ice has more CBD than most strains which makes it useful for people dealing with various forms of pain and anxiety. The strain also has high levels of CBC and CBG which work together as a stress reducer. Blue Ice is highly recommended for those with depression or PTSD. 


Allen Wrench (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Allen Wrench is a genetic cross between Trainwreck and Sour Diesel but is mostly a sativa, meaning consumers will feel active and euphoric effects. The combination of Allen Wrench’s CBD content and its high THC percentage makes it effective at eliminating pain throughout the body. It’s high THCV percentage is useful in helping people cope with headache pain as well. 


Birthday Cake (indica-dominant hybrid)

Birthday Cake is extremely difficult to find. However, if you happen to get your hands on some, this indica-dominant strain can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions. Oftentimes, people cite three different reasons for using Birthday cake: it helps them relax, it stimulates their appetite, and helps them fall asleep. 


Bubba Kush (indica)

Bubba Kush is a pure indica strain that is known for giving people “the munchies.” People who can’t seem to gain an appetite use Bubba Kush knowing its THC and CBN levels will stimulate hunger. And, without any THCV or CBD getting in the way, that hunger is there to stay!


Candyland (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Candyland is a sativa-dominant hybrid even though it is the result of a Granddaddy Purple (indica) and Bay Platinum Cookies (hybrid) cross. Candyland is quite interesting because it contains zero detectable amounts of CBD, CBN, CBG, or THCV. While it lacks in those cannabinoids, it has significant amounts of CBC. CBC is very helpful for patients looking to get rid of their symptoms of depression or PTSD. The absence of CBN and CBG, combined with its sativa-dominant genetics, Candyland is an effective strain for battling fatigue. 


Hawaiian Gold (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Looking for a pain-reducing strain that can provide an energy boost? Look no further than Hawaiian Gold. This sativa-dominant hybrid has CBD and THCV which will ensure the consumer feels quick and effective relief for various ailments, including but not limited to, headaches, migraines, and fibromyalgia. 


Cannatonic (indica-dominant hybrid)

Cannatonic is famous for its relatively high CBD content and is an excellent choice for those in need of major pain relief without intense psychoactive effects. This indica-dominant hybrid is a highly regarded medical marijuana strain because people of any age can enjoy it. It is great for anyone dealing with any sort of pain, stress, or inflammation. There are very few strains that can match Cannatonic’s versatility, making it one of the most valuable medical marijuana strains available today. 


Chernobyl (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Chernobyl is a combination of three strains: Jack the Ripper, Trinity, and Trainwreck. This creates a versatile medicinal strain that can help with boosting mood and pain relief. Chernobyl  has a high THCV percentage, meaning people can expect fast-acting relief. Those who rely on medical marijuana to treat their depression will be thrilled to know that this beautiful strain has high levels of CBC, which enhances the THC’s mood-enhancing qualities. 


Bubble Gum (indica-dominant hybrid)

Bubble Gum was initially developed in Indiana! This indica-dominant hybrid won two awards in the Cannabis Cup in the year 1994 and is loved by many users. People that regularly  suffer from depression and PTSD will find comfort with this strain because of the unique combination of THC, CBC, and CBN. Also, users who need relief in quick bursts will find Bubble Gum to be the strain best suited for their needs. 


Cotton Candy (indica-dominant hybrid)

This popular strain combines Lavender and Power Plant. In addition to its wonderful fragrance, people enjoy Cotton Candy because of its ability to improve mood and induce appetite. This strain has a high CBC percentage and eliminates any worry, trouble, or fear. Those who need to increase their weight can count on this strain to make their stomachs grumble. 


Dream Queen (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Most people confuse Dream Queen as an indica. This is due to its relaxing and almost sedative effects. Dream Queen uplifts the spirit and desensitizes the body, making this strain perfect for dealing with depression or PTSD. Because of it’s extremely high THC content, it should be noted that first time users can get overwhelmed. 


Game Changer (hybrid)

Game Changer is a clone-only strain with uplifting effects. This hybrid’s THC and CBC content combine to create a formidable mood booster, while the high levels of CBG and CBN help treat glaucoma. Despite the substantial amounts of THC and THCV in Game Changer, the vast amounts of CBN, CBG, and CBC mitigate the psychoactive effects, making it almost impossible to become overwhelmed while on this strain. 


God’s Gift (indica)

God’s Gift comes from the mixture of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. This indica strain grew in popularity throughout California’s dispensaries in 2005. Medical marijuana patients claim God’s Gift is the perfect strain to induce hunger. Though, you should be aware that this strain does not contain enough CBN to be recommended for insomnia. It is famous for making people feel “couch-locked” once the initial effects wear off. Thank you “in-da-couch.”


Jean Guy (hybrid)

Jean Guy is a hybrid strain from Maine Grown, who are popular for producing energetic effects. Jean Guy is a good strain for combating anxiety and depression without feeling a somber sleepiness. 


Connie Chung (hybrid)

Connie Chung is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that makes the user’s eyes feel heavy. The combination of LA Confidential and G-13 Haze create this one-of-a-kind weed. People who use Connie Chung normally do so late in the day because the effects have a tendency to make them feel lethargic. 


Blue Cookies (indica-dominant hybrid)

Blue Cookies is a fairly potent indica-dominant hybrid that serves as an antidepressant and appetite stimulant. This strain’s THC and CBC content do a wonderful job at elevating mood. It’s recommended that patients who are looking for nausea relief without the associated “munchies” should seek out a high CBD or high THCV alternative. 


Charlotte’s Web (sativa)

Charlotte’s Web is a sativa strain with a high CBD level and was created to help treat a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. This strain is useful for any person who needs healing effects without psychoactivity. Other than helping treat seizures, the high CBD content also helps to treat inflammation, muscle spasms, ADD, and unwanted headaches. The high CBC percentage also works as a mood booster! 


Blue Cherry Soda (hybrid)

Blue Cherry Soda’s genetic origins are shrouded in mystery! However the effects offered by this strain are profound. Due to the abundance of CBC and THC, this strain can act as a mood enhancement for anyone looking to manage their depression. This strain also has a tendency to reduce intraocular pressure for those who treat their glaucoma with pot. 


Gorilla Glue (indica-dominant hybrid)

Gorilla Glue contains a significant amount of THC, CBD, and CBC, making it a wonderful mood elevator as well as being a great pain reducer. Those who need help in treating their depression, fibromyalgia, nausea, pain, or anxiety will find much relief with this strain. Even though the Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb genetics prevent this strain from knocking you out, Gorilla Glue still has a tendency to make people feel lethargic afterwards. 


Green Crack (sativa-dominant hybrid)

A significant feeling of euphoria usually accompanies Green Crack. This strain’s sativa genetics tend to energize patients, but the presence of CBN and CBG sometimes prevent this strain from fighting fatigue. If taken at night, Green Crack can still cause insomnia, though it’s a matter of how your body reacts to it. 


Chemdawg (hybrid)

Chemdawg first appeared in Montana in the 1980s. It continues to be praised for inducing a feeling of extreme relaxation. Chem Dog’s effectiveness is due to its substantial THC percentage and above-average CBC levels. This combination will definitely put minds to ease. Those who suffer from glaucoma are able to lower their ocular pressure because of this strain’s THC, CBG, and CBN content. 


Harlequin (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Harlequin is famous for it’s high CBD content and low THC percentage. Due to Harlequin’s unusual cannabinoid profile, users are able to eliminate high degrees of pain without any overpowering psychoactive effects. Arthritis, anxiety, stress, depression, and all types of inflammation become non-existent after using this strain. Harlequin is also one of the best medical cannabis strains for reducing seizures. 


Pineapple Express (sativa-dominant hybrid)

The now famous Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant hybrid that leaves people with a feeling of power and level headedness. The combination of Trainwreck and Hawaiian creates an exotic, yet flavorful experience. For those who have a high THC tolerance, Pineapple Express is an excellent strain, especially if you suffer from chronic fatigue. 

New Hampshire

Jack Herer (sativa-dominant hybrid)

This strain is named after Jack Herer, the famous cannabis activist who wrote the hemp history book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Jack Herer is a legendary sativa- dominant hybrid, known for the clear and energizing effect it produces without a crash afterwards. The THC content coupled with high levels of CBC helps treat various forms of depression. 

New Jersey

Key Lime Pie (hybrid)

If you’ve ever had Girl Scout Cookies (the strain, not the actual addictive $7 box of deliciousness), then you are sure to fall in love with its alternate phenotype, Key Lime Pie. Key Lime Pie is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a hybrid strain that elevates mood. It’s also great for helping with PTSD and/or depression. 

New York

NYC Diesel (sativa-dominant hybrid)

NYC Diesel is one of the best strains for anxiety relief without the concerns of paranoia. This strain produces energetic effects and is very popular for those looking to eliminate stress while still being highly productive throughout the day. 

New Mexico

Alien Rock Candy (indica-dominant hybrid)

Alien Rock Candy is an unusual hybrid that should be reserved for the experienced smoker. Consumers report uplifting and talkative effects immediately after consumption. These effects can be explained by Alien Rock Candy’s high THCV content. This strain’s significant presence of CBC does wonders for patients who need a boost in mood, and the CBG content acts as a neuroprotectant for anyone who suffers from PTSD. 

North Carolina

Kryptonite (indica-dominant hybrid)

Kryptonite is an indica-dominant hybrid in which consumers often rely to gain their appetite. The combination of Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen creates amounts of THC and CBN that will encourage users to eat. Understanding the lack of CBD and THCV is important because these cannabinoids can create the opposite effect by suppressing appetite. Those who use cannabis infrequently can appreciate Kryptonite’s mild THC count. 

North Dakota

Lamb’s Bread (sativa)

Lamb’s Bread is derived from Jamaican cannabis plants. This sativa strain provides energizing effects due to its sativa genetics and low CBN levels. People who rarely use cannabis will find Lamb’s Bread to be pleasant without overwhelming. 


Lemon Tree (hybrid)

This strain is recommended for both PTSD and depression because it brilliantly produces uplifting, lively effects. Since Lemon Tree has such a high THC percentage, it would be wise for beginners to find an alternative strain with less THC. 


Black Jack (hybrid)

Black Jack combines Jack Horror with Black Domina to create the ultimate hybrid strain that can also reduce ocular pressure for people with glaucoma. Black Jack has high THC and CBN percentages which means its onset is relatively quick. Because of Black Jack’s incredibly high THC concentration, we recommend starting with something slightly less potent if it’s your first time smoking. 


Alien OG (indica-dominant hybrid)

Alien OG is a useful, low potency strain with high levels of CBG and CBN. As a result, this indica-dominant strain is recommended for users who suffer from glaucoma and insomnia because these two cannabinoids specifically help reduce ocular pressure and promote sleep. This strain also has high amounts of CBC which acts as a powerful mood enhancer. Those seeking relief without being overwhelmed by a highly potent strain will be happy with Alien OG’s effects. 


Chocolate Hashberry (hybrid)

Chocolate Hashberry is a strain best utilized by first-time smokers who are trying to treat depression, PTSD, and nausea. This strain is a combination of Blackberry Kush, Chocolate Kush, and Chocolope Cheese with high levels of CBC. Chocolate Hashberry doesn’t have a high CBD content, but it does contain enough to relieve mild symptoms of nausea. 

Rhode Island

Monster Cookies (indica-dominant hybrid)

Monster Cookies is made by crossing Granddaddy Purple with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that increases appetite. Because of its above-average potency, high CBN levels, and absence of CBD or THCV, you can smoke this strain knowing that in an hour or two you’ll be ready for food! 

South Carolina

Nuken (indica)

Nuken is a low-potency indica strain that can be utilized to stimulate appetite and improve mood. This Canadian strain allows people to medicate without becoming overwhelmed by egregious amounts of THC, which is important for those who do not feel comfortable experiencing dramatic psychoactive effects. After the initial wave of euphoria tapers off, it is common for users to get “the munchies,” making this a useful strain to anyone who has difficulty eating. 

South Dakota

Ogre (indica-dominant hybrid)

Ogre is famous for its extremely strong effects. Those who suffer from insomnia have reported falling asleep soundly after using this strain. Ogre’s high CBC levels help treat depression, and the amount of CBG  helps those with glaucoma reduce their intraocular pressure. 


Casey Jones (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Many choose this strain because of its desirable sativa qualities. Trainwreck, Thai, and Sour Diesel are the parents of this little sucker puncher. Consumers tend to experience a mood lift because of this strain’s high CBC percentage. You can also stay focused while experiencing Casey Jones because of its low THC content. 


Nero de Diablo (sativa)

Nero de Diablo is recommended only for experienced users. This strain acts quickly, and its high THC percentage is complemented with a greater amount of CBD and THCV than most other strains, making it useful for relieving pain in the cranial area. Nero de Diablo has high levels of CBG which also induces sleep for some. However, patients who are living with depression and PTSD will find that Nero de Diablo’s CBC content helps them fight the blues as well. 


Mr. Nice (indica)

Mr. Nice has all of the traditional indica effects but with a lower THC percentage, making it an ideal strain for those who don’t want the strongest psychoactive effects of marijauna. Mr. Nice will promote sleep, lower intraocular pressure, and stimulate appetite because of its CBN and CBG levels. If you’ve built up a significant tolerance to THC though, we’d recommend another strain. 


Maple Wreck (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Maple Wreck is the perfect strain for relieving pain. It contains a normal amount of CBD which will help relieve pain and inflammation more effectively than strains that are strictly THC-based. Those who need instant relief will have better luck with strains that contain THCV. 


Medicine Man (indica-dominant hybrid)

Also known as White Rhino, this strain is famous for its high THC and CBD percentage, which is why it is so highly regarded by the medical marijuana community. Medicine Man is great for relieving nausea thanks to its significant CBD level. Those dealing with depression or PTSD report feeling relaxed and carefree after using, which can be attributed to this strain’s substantial THC, CBG and CBC content. 


Cherry AK-47 (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Are you looking for an energy boost? The effects of Cherry AK provide this boost and so much more. Recreational users love this strain for its intense cherry fragrance and flavor. This hybrid contains very little CBN and no detectable amounts of CBG, which is why anyone suffering from chronic fatigue will like it. 

West Virginia

Sky Chem (indica-dominant hybrid)

Sky Chem is a combination of Blueberry, Chemdawg, and Skywalker OG, and is one of the best strains available for boosting mood. This indica-dominant hybrid is special because it contains a decent amount of THC, CBD, and CBG, which you don’t see often. It also has one of the highest CBC levels ever measured. Some studies suggest CBC to be more effective at relieving stress than CBD. This strain can also be used to eliminate nausea. 


UK Cheese (indica-dominant hybrid)

UK Cheese is a popular hybrid many choose for evening consumption. If you have difficulty building up an appetite, you should use UK Cheese to stimulate hunger. The high THC percentage also helps control symptoms of depression and PTSD. Consumers who have not built up a high tolerance to THC should probably choose a strain with a lower THC percentage. 


White Buffalo (sativa-dominant hybrid)

White Buffalo is an uplifting, sativa-dominant hybrid. Those suffering from depression, PTSD, or social anxiety can use this strain for symptom alleviation in trying times. White Buffalo has high levels of CBC, CBD, and CBG, often creating a feeling of euphoria. This strain’s effects tend to organically set in over time, making it particularly useful for people who do not use it on a regular basis. 

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