February 13, 2024

Best Cannabis Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024

February 13, 2024

It’s that time of year when we all profess our love to what we enjoy the most…cannabis!  Ok well, maybe to our sweethearts on Valentine’s Day too.  But, either way you want to have the best cannabis gifts for Valentine’s Day wether that be for self-love, your stoner sweetie, or your galentine! 

Heart One-Hitter Necklace

The Flower by Edie Parker’s Heart One-Hitter Necklace is cute and sweet and all the things you would want out of a Valentine’s Day gift! This little one hitter pipe not only serves as a perfect transportable cannabis smoking accessory, but also as an ornate piece of jewelry that can work into anyone’s outfit!  The heart one-hitter necklace is the perfect cannabis gift for an on-the-go puff with a smokable statement necklace.  The heart one-hitter necklace is available in three colors: Blush, Jade, and Smoke. Go ahead and get your heart on. 

The Flower Vase Bong from Hemper

The Hemper Flower Vase Bong is your solution to deciding what flowers to get your stoner sweetie this year!  All the stoners love cannabis flower the most anyway, right?  So enjoy that flower properly in the Hemper Flower Vase Bong.  This bong stands at 7” tall with a flower vase shape, a flower stem-shaped downstem, and a flower-shaped bowl. This glass piece is sure to be the perfect bong to impress your special someone! If flowers aren’t the gift you are looking for, don’t worry because Hemper has soooooo many other glass pieces that there is definitely something for everyone! You are sure to find one of the best cannabis gifts for Valentine’s Day in their glass piece selection.  

Rose Gold Pipe by Vessel

Vessel has just introduced a brand new pipe piece. Their pipe is made for sharing, with the capacity to hold up to 1g of flower in its bowl.  Additionally, it features Vessel’s signature, patent-pending double-helix shaped interior spiral.  Because of this design, the smoke cools as it is pulled, resulting in a smooth hit unlike any other. Pipe has an optimized and stylish design and is available in Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Maritime and Black. The sleek shades and high-flower capacity make these a perfect Valentine’s Day gift (or activity!) and are available for shipping. 


Pink Fanny Pack from Blazy Susan

We have covered several products from Blazy Susan in previous gift guides because somehow they just keep coming out with more awesome stuff! Blazy Suan is a forward thinking and consumer focused brand and they make some of the best rolling and dabbing accessories out there! These perfectly pink fanny packs that are great to hide your stash, prevent the smell AND look stylish simultaneously on your Valentine…The Blazy Suan fanny packs are durable, smell proof pouches lined with foil and are the perfect size to carry your smoking or dabbing accessories. Definitely one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Kava beverages from Mitra-9

One of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day can be one to celebrate with! Mitra-9 is a brand that offers a unique range of non-alcoholic beverages, including Kava based beverages. Kava is originally a South Pacific plant that gives a calming effect. Mitra-9 has enhanced the plant into a tasty and convenient option in both cans and in go-paks.. Mitra-9’s refreshing kava drinks not only help you relax and improve mood but can also combat anxiety, offering a natural path to well-being. Kava drinks are recognized as a low-calorie, vegan, gluten free, non-gmo alternative to alcoholic drinks. 


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