December 21, 2023

Best Gifts of 2023 for the Holidaze

December 21, 2023
holiday gift

I like to give great cannabis gifts all year round, but the holidays offer us all a time to find the best cannabis gifts for our favorite stoners.  Whether you are looking for gifts for a new cannabis consumer or a cannabis enthusiast, this list is sure to meet your holiday gifting needs.

Grateful Dead Rolling Papers and Cones by Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan, a leading innovator in smoking accessories and a brand that I have featured in several other gift guides, has just announced an exciting licensing partnership with the iconic rock band the Grateful Dead. This collaboration brings together two beloved brands known for their commitment to quality and creativity, offering a range of premium, slow-burning rolling papers, cones, and cannabis accessories that pay homage to the counterculture movement and the spirit of music and boundless creativity. The partnership will showcase a carefully curated collection of smoking essentials thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from the Grateful Dead’s timeless legacy, the collection encapsulates the band’s iconic aesthetics and its influences on generations of fans. The Grateful Dead’s enduring impact on music, culture, and individuality makes this collaboration particularly special and offers the perfect holiday cannabis gift for the Dead Head or music lover in your life! These new products are available through Blazy Susan’s official website and through select authorized retailers, including – the official platform of the Grateful Dead.

Gummies and Tea from Psilouette

As cannabis consumers, we are all very aware about the innovations that have been made using the plant;s medicine over the last decade. Likewise, there have been many innovations made in the psychedelic sector of medicine. Microdosing is defined as the practice of taking or administering very small amounts of a psychoactive drug to improve mood or enhance cognitive functioning. Learning about the use of psychedelic medicine can be daunting for anyone starting their research into the world of therapeutic psychedelics. Entheogenic wellness company Psilouette prides itself on being a resource and safe haven for those who want to explore psychedelics for therapeutic benefits. The company offers a Dose I.D. gummy pack that includes gummies, which are perfect for first time users who want to start low and slow, allowing brain and body time to acclimate to psilocybin. The gummies formulated with the highest purity standards using vegan, cruelty-free, full-spectrum actives, without any isolates, concentrates or synthesized source materials, allowing for the most natural and therapeutic altered states possible. The company also offers psychotherapy tea of 10mg active tea, derived from 1.13g Mushroom Fruiting Bodies per packet.  Their most potent format available, a one packet serving tea creates a state-altering, perceptible effect that requires one to control for their Set & Setting. They recommend developing a strong intention for consumption prior to planning your experience.

Vintage Apparel Collection by Zig-Zag

Iconic Rolling Paper Brand, Zig-Zag has recently launched it’s second fashion collection, Vintage. After its successful debut of the 1879 collection that sold out in 2022, Vintage is the brand’s first seasonal apparel collection featuring a timeless collection of graphic t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, beanies, hats and more. This 20 piece collection features original brand artwork paying homage to nearly 145 years of brand history. Inspired by the company’s vast archived brand artwork, each piece in the collection is carefully crafted and designed to encapsulate the essence of a brand that has stood the test of time.   Zig-Zag’s vintage collection is more than just clothing; it’s a tribute to over a century of culture and an embodiment of the timeless spirit that Zig-Zag continues to represent.  The apparel comes in sizes to fit everyone and is absolutely the best cannabis holiday gift for anyone on your list! Zig-Zag’s Vintage collection is available on the Zig-Zag website and in select retailers. 

Pill Boxes by MyPillyPal 

For the traveler and the organizer! We all know a stoner who’s like that, right? Even cannabis enthusiasts like to keep their strains separated and have them ready to grab.  However, PillyPal is more than that…it is a sleek design pill container with cute labels for all your pills, vitamins, meds, (cannabis), and  even jewelry! It helps to keep daily pills organized, is compact and easy to toss in your pocket, purse or backpack. PillyPal is great for travel with a durable design that protects medication from falling out or mixing together.  The product is BPA free and recyclable. PillyPal V1 features 10 compartments and PillyPal V2 features 8 larger compartments, and there are several colors to choose from. PillyPal is an excellent and convenient organizational product and one of the best holiday gifts.

Support Gummies from b.Ready Wellness 

I know we are all stoners here, but with the holidays amongst us there is always more alcohol at social events and family gatherings it seems. With the potential for a head-pounding hangover, or the fear of a hangover the morning after a night of celebration, cannabis enthusiasts may need some support. Designed for your post-alcohol recovery, b.Ready Wellness takes a holistic approach to health, combining traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) wisdom and Western science for individuals to repair, recover and excel. The gummies benefit the body by accelerating liver detoxification, alleviating headaches and nausea, reduce inflammation, and supplying the body with essential vitamins for a next morning energy boost. Post-Celebration Support gummies are suitable for adults of all ages, plant-powered and free from flavors.


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