Do Mangoes Increase Marijuana’s Effects

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It’s going to be harder for me to find ‘swaggy weed’ than people in other parts of the nation, so let me know what you think!

Unlike the rumor smoking banana peels will produce a high, mangoes do contribute to increasing a stoners’ weed high.

Marijuana contains a chemical called Myrcene. High grade marijuana bud generally contains a comparatively higher concentration of myrcene than low grade cannabis bud.

Mangoes, Lemon grass, and other less-common plants also contain high amounts of this chemical. Myrcene is believed to aid the potency of the marijuana high by allowing the psychoactive chemicals found in cannabis, namely THC, to cross the blood-brain barrier more efficiently.

The following method does work, however there are some variables. Adding mangoes to your diet is an excellent choice regardless if you determine they don’t increase your marijuana high.

I’ve determined when smoking high grade marijuana bud, you are less likely to feel any difference because the bud already contains a high amount of myrcene.

To discover the effect mangoes have on your weed high, smoke lower grade marijuana.
Purchase a small amount of schwaggy marijuana.

An hour before burning a marijuana joint eat a mango.

Smoke the commercial grade cannabis.

See if the low quality marijuana gets you higher than expected.

Some stoners report getting ripped.

With heart racing palpitations!

Body weight and metabolism may be a factor.

If one mango doesn’t work, don’t give up, try eating two next time.

I’m a big fan of mangoes and inhaling marijuana.

Eating mangoes before and after smoking marijuana.

You may also experiment with the amount of time you wait before smoking.

Another great experiment is eating mangoes to solve your munchies.

Instead of devouring a bag of potato chips eat a mango immediately following your marijuana session.

Even when smoking high grade marijuana, eating mangoes for munchies will lengthen your marijuana high.

Stretch it out.

It’s a cheap affordable healthy alternative to increase your marijuana high.

Give eating mangoes a try.

And don’t forget to smoke the marijuana strain Mango.

This is an excellent marijuana type and the marijuana seeds are widely available.

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