May 3, 2019

Ladies of Paradise Launch Day Trip Vape Cartridge Line in Conjunction with Cultivation Classic

May 3, 2019
Day Trip - Image 1

This May 16th, the Ladies of Paradise are at it again with a brand new product launch just in time for Summer. Still high from their successful launch of Lady Jays pre-roll packs, their new product line, ‘Day Trip’, is a full gram, solventless live resin cannabis derived terpene cartridge made in collaboration with Odyssey Oregon

Jade Daniels is the Owner/Operator for Ladies of Paradise and said, “We are thrilled to continue our line of cannabis product collaborations, this time with Odyssey Oregon on a solventless, live resin cartridge. It was extremely important to us to use resources from cannabis derived terpenes and we can’t wait for everyone to partake in the Day Trip experience. Our team worked super hard on this branding and production, and we encourage everyone this summer to get out, Day Trip, and explore the beautiful state of Oregon.” 

The Ladies of Paradise will be hosting yet another one of their amazing events to celebrate the launch of the new product line.  Called Day Trip Inn, the event will feature a little fun with some mini golf, flamingo ring toss, music, tasty tapas & refreshments. 

The event takes place just before the Cultivation Classic, the only competition for craft cannabis produced in Oregon with a regenerative approach, paired with a public education event in Portland, Oregon, curated especially for thought leaders, policymakers, producers, bud tenders, and consumers. 

Steph Barnhart is one of the founders of Cultivation Classic and said, “Cultivation Classic started as a cup for sustainable cannabis producers, but has – in just four years – evolved into an event that curates content across a huge variety of topics! One of the things we set out to do with this year’s event expansion was create a feel that’s more like a Design Week Portland or mini SxSW, where you can choose your own adventure through multiple days of programming. So, we invited partners like LOP and many others to create their own event around the CC weekend – lots of people are in town for connection and learning, so it felt like a great way to both increase the education and community offerings Cultivation Classic can give to its attendees, but also drive awareness for partner brands we love. LOP is one of those! That their new product launch lined up with CC weekend was perfect timing to synch up and magnify each other.” 

More about Day Trip and the Day Trip Inn event: 

Take a short vacation from reality and try it for yourself, head to the Ladies of Paradise store [959 SE Division] May 16th from 5 tp 8pm for the Grand Opening and Launch Party of the Day Trip Inn. Where they welcome their guests, with games, tapas, entertainment, and jewels fit for a Queen by Goddess Glitter Hair. May your imagination lead you to Bloom [2637 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. Ste. B] where you can exclusively find Day Trip for your next journey.


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