February 12, 2020

Product Review: Tree of Life Biodegradable Tray by Ooze

February 12, 2020
Ooze now carries 3 different biodegradable rolling trays.

In a world where consumers are always trying to find ways to decrease their waste and be more ecologically friendly in their lifestyles, plastics are continually a hot button topic. The cannabis industry is no exception to this scrutiny.

While Ooze is known best for their amazing vaporizer products, they have once again met the needs of the market by creating biodegradable rolling trays that feature eye-catching and very unique artwork. These trays are made out of biodegradable mix of primarily bamboo powder, and will fully break down in a compost environment in 1-2 years.

Ooze Rolling Tray Uses 

The tray functions perfectly for grinding your herb and rolling it up, or as an ashtray. The unique designs on the trays also make for a great conversation piece, or just something stimulating to look at while you enjoy your sesh. These rolling trays come in both large and travel sizes.

Biodegradable Rolling Tray Features 

Obviously, the most outstanding feature of these new trays is that they are biodegradable, meaning they are capable of being decomposed by living organisms once thrown away. These new biodegradable trays from Ooze include the Universe, the Monsterous, and Tree of Life designs. Their dimensions are 7.5″ x 6″ (Small), 11″ x 8″ (Medium), and 13″ x 10″ (Large), so they can fit any size surface, shelf, or drawer! Another nice perk here is that the trays hold up just fine in the dishwasher, making clean up that much easier.

Ooze Biodegradable Tray Review 

Whether you use it to break up weed for rolling your joints or for organizing your smoke accessories, a rolling tray is essential for any stoner. I’ve found that the best rolling trays are those that can actually be seen as an artistic piece that adds to your coffee table (or kitchen table. etc.) to enhance that stigma-lifting vibe I hope all stoners are striving for these days. Ooze has wrapped that artistic vibe with an eco-friendly material and created a new stoner-staple with this still very utilitarian and functional rolling tray in 3 designs and 3 sizes. This is exactly the rolling tray you’ve been looking for!

Ooze carries 3 different designs and 3 different sizes of new biodegradable rolling trays.  

About Ooze: Ooze is a Michigan-based company dedicated to creating innovative, reliable vaporizers and other smoking products. We strive to develop products with the quality customers have come to expect, all within a very reasonable price range. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have allowed us to formulate better-burning and longer-lasting products that we are constantly inventing and reinventing.


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