October 27, 2021

New Social Equity Driven Brand Black Buddha Cannabis Launches at MJBizCon

October 27, 2021
Black Buddha Cannabis

We have been following and promoting the amazing work of M4MM for years, and are so thrilled to see this new project by their founder!

MJBizCon, the world’s largest cannabis conference and exposition, was held last week, Oct 19-22nd. During the expo, industry stakeholders and participants were introduced to the newest black-owned, social-equity-driven brand: Black Buddha Cannabis (BBC). The brainchild behind BBC is Roz McCarthy, Founder/CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM). Over the past five years, Roz has been leading the largest cannabis nonprofit advocacy organization. M4MM serves communities of color as it relates to social equity, social justice, health equity, and public policy.

Recently diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury after a terrible car collision, Roz integrated Cannabidiol (CBD), as well as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) flower into her recovery regimen. The debilitating effects of the concussion and whiplash prompted her caregiver and therapists to introduce Buddhist health and healing practices, like chanting and mantras, into her recovery health plan. Those positive outcomes gave birth to Black Buddha Cannabis.

Black Buddha Cannabis is a social-equity-driven brand created to make life easier for novice cannabis users who are experiencing and/or incorporating cannabis for the first time as a part of their wellness routine.

Learning about how marijuana affects your health regimen and interacts with your body can be a bit tricky. Roz recalled, “When I walk into a dispensary I get overwhelmed with all the product choices and options. I’m not there to get high, I just want to feel better.” The different types of flowers (indica, sativa, or hybrid) and the individual strain effects, plus factors like the percentages of THC vs. CBD vs. the Terpene profile can all be overwhelming. Roz credited the reason that she created a brand of products like these is to make the purchasing experience less complicated.

BBC is a lifestyle brand that is all about becoming enlightened versus getting high. Consumers will have four different profile blends to choose from to meet their own personal or healthcare needs by choosing products based on how they feel versus how high they want to be. The profile blend choices are: Creativity, Enlightenment, Wellness, and Zen. The first product will be a pre-pack chillum, affectionately called a “One Hitter Quitter” (OHQ). The chillum is pre-packed with .05g of the profile blends of choice and will be sold as a pack of three. The OHQs provide a quick, easy, and discrete way to consume cannabis on the go. BBC’s growing portfolio will include Mix-n-Sip’s, teabags, and pain relief topical roll-on product options in the future. Currently, Roz and her team are in negotiations with five vertically integrated operators in Michigan, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, and California, who are all excited about bringing her product to their respective marketplaces.

Products can be expected to be in stores by January 2022. A portion of sales revenue will support M4MM’s Project Clean Slate expungement program.

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