September 15, 2021

Vape Mail Ban: What This Means for Vapers

September 15, 2021
Vape Mail Ban: What This Means for Vapers

After months of delayed enforcement, there is still confusion surrounding the ‘Vape Mail Ban’ – the rule that would effectively stop all D2C or online sales of vaping products.

The USPS has continued to miss their deadline for enforcing the rules laid out in the PACT Act, while all other major shipping providers have refused to open their doors back up to the vaping industry.

Consumers might still have an open window to shop from select online vape shops that are continuing to ship online orders. USPS has not released a new deadline date, so it’s unclear exactly when they will follow suit and cease shipping vapor products.

Why is there a Vape Mail Ban

Vaping has experienced a lot of backlash since July of 2019, where millions of underage vapers were getting sick, due to adding illegal THC and Vitamin E acetate to their vape carts and pods. Oftentimes, top THC brands were being knocked off and tied into the Vitamin E acetate issues. 

Since the media did not differentiate vaping with these harmful additives included, vaping instantly became the poster child for a plethora of health issues, including breathing problems, lung cancer, inhalation of toxic metals, and even death. 

Because of this, the PACT Act (Prevention of Cigarette Trafficking to Children) was signed into law. An amendment to this law requires the cessation of all vape shipments to consumers, regardless of age. Thus ends the era of getting vape products shipped right to your door. 

Does this Affect All Vapes?

THC Vapes

THC vape products have always been illegal to ship, due to strict regulations with marijuana not being legal in every state, either for medicinal or recreational use. However, Delta-8 products, which are legal in several states, will also be included in the vape mail ban. Delta-8 is fairly new in its conception, which means that in spite of its many health benefits and ability to get the user legally “high,” many users will never get to try all of the varieties available nationwide. 

CBD Vapes

CBD vapes and products have provided great aid to those looking to homeopathically treat anxiety, PTSD, depression, stress, and minor pain relief. Unfortunately, the vape mail ban restricts the shipment of these products as well, despite being legal for sale and consumption in all 50 states. CBD products are available in so many forms, including topicals, edibles, and flowers, but all of these products will soon be impossible to get from other states. 

Nicotine Vapes

Nicotine vapes and e-juice flavors were the focus of this vape mail ban, as the original law banned the shipment of “any electronic device that aids in the nicotine delivery system.” You might think that using zero nicotine vape juice excludes you in this list, but a recent amendment states that ALL vape juice, regardless of nicotine content, will be forbidden to be shipped to consumers. Since most vapers are former smokers, this new vape mail ban hits many vapers hard and may even result in the return to cigarettes and other tobacco products, since these products are much easier to obtain at local convenience stores and gas stations. 

Vape Hardware

While there is yet to be any discourse on ancillary vape products, it’s still open for consumers to easily order online any vape batteries, mods, or other ancillary products that you need to vape nicotine or cannabis products. 

This “vape hardware” does not fall under the scrutiny of the PACT Act. Companies like XVape have been on the forefront of education and calming consumer fears by letting them know they can still order certain vaporizer products online and without consequence.

Consumer Impacts of Vape Mail Ban

For consumers, there are likely going to be many resulting impacts to the normal purchasing patterns for vape products online.

  1. Stoppage of Service: Most online vape shops have been forced to close up shop in the past few months as shipping providers like FedEx and UPS have stopped shipping vape products since March.
  2. Increased Prices: Many of the online vape shops that have continued selling products online have had to raise prices on their products or shipping options in order to continue profitable operations, resulting in higher prices for the end consumer.
  3. Adult Signature Fees: The PACT Act also requires a signature upon delivery to ensure the customer or recipient is over the age of 21. This is also accompanied by a mandatory $5 ‘adult signature fee’ for all online orders.
  4. Limited to Retail Options: And of course for those states that have outlawed online vape products and flavors, many consumers are having to go back to retail options like liquor stores or gas stations in order to find and buy vape products. Which means you likely won’t be able to find your favorite options.

How You Can Fight the Vape Mail Ban

The outlook for vapers who rely on online vape shops definitely looks bleak. But remember that just because a law is signed doesn’t mean that it can never be changed. We urge you to locate your state representative and reach out to them to explain your outrage and concerns about this new law. If online communication is more your style, you can leave a comment on the USPS vape mail ban forum, explaining explicitly why you oppose this new law. 

The absurdity of this new law is clearly visible to vapers, but some people are staunchly adamant that this law is absolutely necessary. Now is the time for action, before this bill passes and vapers are stranded without access to their favorite e-liquid brands and flavors.


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