What Do You Do With Your Marijuana ‘Shake?’

Marijuana Shake Can Be Used For Many Things, What Do You Use It For?
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Some marijuana consumers cherish marijuana shake. Some marijuana dealers hate marijuana shake because it doesn’t have the same sell-ability as marijuana nugs. I remember when I was buying marijuana growing up, I actually preferred marijuana shake because it was cheaper and already broken up for joints. However, as I got older and had my time selling marijuana, I became less of a fan. All pounds have shake or ‘duff’ at the bottom by the time the weighing is done, and that stuff adds up! Now I’m back full circle to loving marijuana shake because it’s easier to use in a vaporizer.

As I was looking at the shake that I still have from those days pushing weight, I was wondering what else I could do with the shake. I have like 300 grams of it, and all the joints and vaporizer bags in the world don’t seem to put a dent into the stash lol. What do TWB readers think of shake? What is your favorite thing to do with it?

If you have a kief box, that is always a superb route to go. Smoking kief isn’t a great thing to do day in day out if you have things to do, but it’s definitely nice to do semi-regularly. Using shake to make cannabis infused oil or weed butter is a great thing to do too, although I have access to so much grow trim that I’d rather save the shake for something else. Below is a video I found on youtube of a ‘super shake salad’…on that note, time for a joint!