July 28, 2011

What Is The Best Way To Consume Marijuana?

July 28, 2011
Picture of a guy smoking cannabis: learn how to get higher off of weed.

For years, cannabis enthusiasts have been able to walk into head shops to browse various contraptions and accessories used for smoking weed. However, with legal medical and recreational cannabis markets expanding across the US, there are more pot related gizmos available than ever before, which can be intimidating to first-time smokers. Use the guide below to learn about the latest smoking devices and various types of marijuana consumption

Best Things to Smoke Weed Out Of

What is the best way to smoke marijuana? Some say a bong which is pictured here.

You may wonder, what is the best thing to smoke weed out of) Here is a list of common cannabis devices so you can determine yourself the best way to smoke weed. 

  • Joint: The most common method of consumption; all you need are papers and some practice rolling the weed with the papers. Joints are easier to conceal than other smoking methods as well. 
  • Blunt: These follow the same concept as a joint, but blunts utilize a discarded cigar wrap instead of rolling papers. Expect to get much higher from a blunt than a joint, because cigar wraps will hold significantly more weed than a rolling paper. Learn how to roll a blunt here with Afroman! You’re welcome.
  • Pipe: This is a small device usually made of glass, but could also be made of metal, plastic, or wood. This method is easy to conceal and the easiest way to smoke weed as it requires no rolling. 
  • Bubbler: This device is bigger than a pipe, but smaller than a bong. It utilizes water for filtration, but on a smaller scale than a bong. 
  • Bong: One of the larger smoking devices. Like the bubbler, it utilizes water filtration, but it’s usually larger. Bongs allow smokers to capture more smoke in their lungs than most other smoking devices, creating an intense high. 
  • Gravity bong: Similar to a bong, but capable of larger hits and usually constructed with a water pan and 2 liter milk jug. This device isn’t for beginners, as it’s definitely the smoking method that gets you the highest. 

What Is the Best Way to Smoke Weed?

What smoking tool gets you the highest? Some would say the vape pens shown here.

While this is certainly an often debated topic, vaporizers are the best thing to smoke out of. Vaping technology was originally developed as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, but it didn’t take long for cannabis enthusiasts to start applying the concept of vaping to weed. Vaping utilizes a much lower burning temperature than regular smoking. This lower temperature allows the user to inhale more THC and other cannabinoids than smoking, while inhaling less of the unneeded burnt plant material without active ingredients. 

Ways to Consume Weed

Your uncle’s antiquated methods of eating raw marijuana plant material or creating pipes out of apples are long gone. Today, there are several ways in which to consume weed. Here are the most common:

  • Smoking: When smoking cannabis, you burn plant material at high temperatures, releasing the full aroma of a pungent, burning plant. Smoking will get you high quickly, as this consumption method delivers THC to the brain faster than edibles. 
  • Vaping: When vaping cannabis, you burn plant material at low temperatures preventing the combustion of non-active plant material. Vaping is inconspicuous because it doesn’t produce that well-known, strong cannabis odor. 
  • Edibles: This method involves eating some kind of food with cannabis infused in it. Since edibles are made with common food and consumers don’t have to smoke or vape them, they are the easiest to conceal. However, edibles must be purchased or created, and the latter requires some basic knowledge. Read this article before attempting to produce your own edibles.  Edibles have a delayed onset as well; take a small amount, then wait at least an hour before taking more. The edible high is also longer than the high produced from smoking and vaping.

How do you get a good high? Now you know a myriad of methods and devices that could be employed to answer this question. I encouraged you to experiment with all the entries above to discover which modes of consumption best align with your individual medical or recreational cannabis needs. No more apples or soda cans; we all have access to professional devices for pothead professionals. 

Things To Smoke Weed Out of FAQ:

  1. What Smoking Method Gets You the Most High?

Some smoking methods will get you higher than others, and regular bongs will certainly get you higher than most methods; but, a gravity bong is the smoking tool that gets you the highest because it maximizes smoke inhaled into the body. Increased smoke means more THC taken into the bloodstream. 

  1. What’s the Most Efficient Way to Smoke?

The most efficient way to “smoke” is to use vaping technology. Vaping is efficient because it burns cannabis or cannabis oil at a lower temperature than conventional smoking. This lower temperature enables consumers to mainly inhale cannabis’s active ingredients, such as THC, instead of disposable plant material. 

  1. Are There Healthy Ways to Smoke?

The healthiest way to “smoke” cannabis is vape it. Vaping cannabis is healthier than conventional smoking because it allows the consumer to inhale THC directly without inhaling significant burnt plant matter, which releases toxins and carcinogens when combusted. However, doctors and scientists are still conducting research to determine vaping’s negative effects on the body. 

  1. What is The Best Smoking Device?

While there are many great smoking devices from which to choose, the best “smoking” device is the portable vaporizer. It doesn’t release an intense aroma, and it’s perfect for travel.  Look at 420science.com for a vast array of portable vaporizers and other smoking devices.  


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