March 28, 2015

Marijuana Book Review – Kick-Ass Cannabis And Veggies

March 28, 2015
kick ass cannabis and veggies book

kick ass cannabis and veggies bookThere’s a big shift in the marijuana cultivation world towards using more organic grow methods and techniques. Much like the movement by consumers towards organic foods, more and more marijuana consumers are looking for products made with flower that is grown organically. For a long time growers have been feeding their plants with nutrients that are full of heavy metals. People are going to be moving away from that in the future.

On top of the health reasons for growing marijuana organically, people are also going organic because they want to reduce their garden’s carbon footprint. Sustainable practices are something that every grower should try to do as much as possible. And for those that don’t care as much about the health or noble benefits of growing organic marijuana, the rest are likely to eventually get on board because growing organically is much cheaper. Anyone who has ever grown on a large scale and had to buy even just Bud Blaster will tell you that.

Growing marijuana organically is easy, if you know how. If you are not educated on organic marijuana gardening, you will no doubt get frustrated and have undesirable harvests (if you harvest at all). A great way to learn how to grow marijuana organically, or veggies organically for that matter, you should check out Kick-Ass Cannabis and Veggies by Kip ZonderkopKick-Ass Cannabis And Veggies breaks down very complex concepts and processes into words and steps that are very easy to understand and follow.

A lot of marijuana grow books are overly complicated. They may be great for the marijuana cultivation blackbelts, but for rookies, simpler books are much better to learn the basic concepts and foundations that growing quality plants is based on. The chapters include soil, garden pots, water, teas, foliar sprays, compost worms, cannabis considerations, and organic gardening in eight steps. A lot of the book teaches general gardening principles that are applicable to all plants, because after all, gardening wasn’t just invented to cultivate cannabis!

I found some other review quotes from people that have read the book on the web, which I have included below:

“This is the perfect quick-start guide to organic container gardening–concise, practical, organized. Your streamlined step-by-step approach makes it easy for everyone to go organic. And now I know how to fix my worm bin.”
–Jeanne Ponzetti, Botanical Consultant

“Being a caregiver first, before starting a commercial enterprise, gave me a love for cannabis that was rooted in simplicity, quality, and spirit. Kick-ass Cannabis and Veggies a DIY Organic Gardening book sums up the journey in 75 magnificent pages. When a gardener seeks knowledge, a book like this can make a substantial impact with it’s humble message. Organic gardening is just better. Better for us, the environment and the overall experience with cannabis. Bravo Kip Zonderkop, every level of gardener has a new standard of reading material to improve oneself!” –Nicolas Handolff, Master Grower, Pink House Dispensaries

As one of the reviewers referenced above, the book is just a bit over seventy pages, which is a very manageable read. As a novice marijuana grower, you should be looking for the 101 on growing, which this book provides, and not the equivalent to an upper-level college textbook.

If you want to check the book out, you can find Kick-Ass Cannabis and Veggies by Kip Zonderkop on Amazon. At $6.99 it’s very reasonably priced. You can also get a preview of the book and get a good idea of just how solid the information is.


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