September 28, 2015

See Go Green LEDs At The Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo Next Month

September 28, 2015
go green leds indoor grow light

Go Green LEDs Is Revolutionizing The Indoor Grow Light Industry With Their Cree Chip On Board (COB) Technology

LED grow lights are very popular these days. I remember when LED lights first started to really court cannabis growers. The lights left a lot to be desired. Over time people started to realize the difference from simple LED lights versus LED lights that were specifically designed with the needs of cannabis cultivation in mind. While there are still a lot of LED lights on the market that suck, there are also ones that I have seen people use that produced terrific results.

Something that a lot of my grower friends have been excited about lately are LED lights that use Cree chip on board (COB) technology. A company called Gro Green LEDs makes some stellar ones. Their LED grow lights can outperform HPS lights, and use half of the power while producing one fourth of the heat. Obviously there are cost savings for the grower, but there is also a lot less headache. Any grower that has had to battle heat issues will tell you the less hassle with that is worth it alone. Plus LED lights help you reduce your carbon footprint, which is something that I will push as long as I run this blog.

Go Green LEDs is going to be an exhibitor at the Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo next month (October 24-25) in Boston (click the link for details about the event). With legalization likely on the way to Massachusetts, the expo is going to be very timely. If you are a grower in the area, you should really check out the event and definitely stop by the Go Green LEDs booth to check out their lights. Below are some graphs that I pulled from their site that explain their lights in a visual way:

Go Green LEDS spectrum


go green leds hps spectrum


go green leds plant spectrum

How do Go Green LEDs outperform HPS lights? According to their website, ‘Our LEDs outperform HPS because our 50W Cree chips are so powerful and they have an optimized spectrum.  HPS has intensity but it’s spectrum is not optimal. Flowering plants want high output in the red spectrum, and  vegetative growth requires blue spectrum.’ That’s a very straight forward explanation that makes sense, which is something that I often try to get out of LED grow light companies, only to receive an answer that is irrelevant or no answer at all.

LED lights in general help reduce overall costs for a garden due to the savings per yield. But an LED grow light that produces cost savings and high yields? Well, that’s a no-brainer. Check out Go Green LEDs’ website to learn more about their products. They also sell grow tents, and sell their products on Amazon for convenience (here’s to all of you Amazon prime members!).

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