March 10, 2014

Use Predators To Protect Your Marijuana Garden

March 10, 2014
lady bug marijuana plant

lady bug marijuana plant

A natural method that makes smart use of biology involves using predators such as ladybugs, praying mantises, or even lacewings. Their qualities of garden protection are widely known, and so it is possible to buy them commercially bred.

The breeder should be able to tell you how they can be used most effectively and which insects they will eat. This information is useful once you know what type of insects to expect given your environment. Be aware though, that buying insects won’t work if your marijuana garden is small since there may not be enough food to support them.

Larger predators can also be used as means to protect your marijuana garden. If you are planting near a stream, it may be a good idea to encourage frogs, turtles, or lizards to frequent the area by leaving food there occasionally. Birds can also be persuaded to provide support, perhaps by leaving birdseed or even using a bird feeder. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about pest control.

Subtlety is probably best because you will want to draw the least amount of attention and suspicion. Casual observers might be drawn to your marijuana planting area if there are swarms of insects, reptiles, or birds in the area. This is one more instance in which respecting the natural environment will help keep your marijuana plants safe, and enable them to grow well.

Organic Insecticides

Thanks to the organic movement it is easy to find organic insecticides wherever nonorganic insecticides are found. Organic insecticides usually work by mimicking the natural pesticides produced by the plant, only in highly concentrated amounts. Pyrethrum is one of the most powerful and therefore most popular organic insecticides and is effective against a wide range of pests. Read the label carefully and make sure to follow the printed procedures, especially if the substance needs to be water-diluted.

The one drawback to organic insecticides is that even these may be indiscriminate killers, harming the insects and mammals that you might already be employing in your garden’s defense. Unless your marijuana plants are truly being decimated, use any pesticide sparingly and with decreasing frequency as the plants mature, preferably stopping after they have left the critical early period of life.

Soap and water and Other Household Remedies

If even organic substances are a concern, using a mixture of about two tablespoons of soap diluted in one gallon of water provides an adequate level of protection. Spray the solution evenly over the entirety of the marijuana plant and let it sit for a few minutes, then wash the plants off thoroughly as soap may harm the leaves.

This is just one of many home remedies that cannabis growers employ. Investigate homeopathic gardening websites for other remedies. Some cannabis growers have told me that garlic washes can help repel beetles and that mixing rubbing alcohol with the soap and water formula can repel snails and slugs, however alcohol will remove wanted resin production. With anything you put on the plant though, be sure to find out exactly what you are spraying for, how long the solution should be applied for, and how thoroughly it should be diluted. For a great bug repellent, check out the products at this link here.

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