Long Time Virginia Hemp Activist Jim Politis Needs Help


I received the following alert from Vote Hemp. Jim has fought for hemp reform for a long time, so hopefully the community can help support him in his time of need:

Jim Politis virginia hemp activist

Jim has has worked closely with Vote Hemp and lead the effort to bring hemp farming back to Virginia. Jim began having difficulties breathing during a family reunion trip to Chicago in July. Doctors advised him that he needed a pump for his heart. After having an operation to insert the pump he improved but eventually faced complications including an infection. Doctors told him he needed a new heart to survive. In October a heart donor was found and Jim received a life-saving transplant but the road to recovery has not been easy.

"In my wildest imaginations, I could not have thought it would take this long to recover. ... It's been a struggle," Jan Politis said.

Jim is getting better each day but the family faces many challenges. Still looming are the expenses of a planned relocation to a new, smaller home when Jim Politis gets out of the hospital, as well as the expected loss of Jan Politis' job as her Family Medical Leave Act time runs out.

The Politises have set up an account with the Help Hope Live organization where donations are being accepted to help with the family's costs. Even with insurance, expenses have mounted from what has been months of treatment, Jan Politis said.