April 4, 2016

Find Out Everything You Wanted To Know About Medical Marijuana At The 2016 Holistic Cannabis Summit

April 4, 2016
holistic cannabis summit

holistic cannabis summitI have been seeing the 2016 Holistic Cannabis Summit pop up a lot on social media recently, and it’s one of those events that I really wish I could check out, but unfortunately I have to work. Hopefully the event goes to digital download after it’s over. The event started today and will continue until the 8th. It’s an event dedicated totally to cannabis wellness, which is something that I think just about everyone could learn more about. I have been co-running this blog since the beginning of 2010, and have researched cannabis a lot, and I often feel like I have only scratched the surface.

The topic of medical cannabis is huge, and covers so many different things. What conditions can be treated with cannabis? What form of cannabis is best for particular conditions? Are there particular strains that help certain conditions more than others? How many cannabinoids are there? What is the proper dose? Those are common questions that patients ask. Then there are those questions that people don’t think about, or are too afraid to ask.

All of those topics and more are going to be discussed at the Holistic Cannabis Summit. There are going to be presentations by leading experts, including some people that I respect on a level that I can’t express in words like Dustin Sulak, Paul Armentano, and Amanda Reiman. These are some of the people that I look for when the topic of medical cannabis comes up. If I hear them say it, then I know I can take it to the bank. Those speakers are being joined by many others that are all experts on their areas of medical cannabis. Below are topics (including but not limited to) that are being covered at the event:

The Dosing Dilemma: Why Less Can Be More
Cannabis In The Functional Medicine Toolbox
The Most Common Reasons for Medical Cannabis
Imagine: A Low-Risk, Effective Therapy for Managing & Eradicating Cancer
Cannabis & The Future of Natural Medicine
Changing the Laws, Lifting The Cannabis Stigma
How Cannabis May Change How We Think About Autism
A Midwife, Herbalist & Physician Talks About Cannabis
Building a Better Edible
Medicating with Cannabis: Let Me Count the Ways
The History of Medical Marijuana: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been!
Medical Marijuana & Cancer: Advocating for Patients
Cannabis: Is It the Ultimate Herbal Medicine for Stress, Anxiety, & Depression?
The New Frontier In Autism Spectrum Disorder Recovery: Medical Marijuana
Why Therapeutic Cannabis Should Be First Line Medicine for Seizures Not Last Resort
Medical Marijuana & Cancer: Advocating for Patients
How Do I Know My Cannabis Is Safe To Consume?
A Cannabis Cancer Thriver Tells His Story
How Cannabis Can Help Heal the Gut
Cannabis as Gateway or Exit “Drug:” Implications for Addiction Treatment
Teaching Your Pet New Tricks: The Power of CBD
Bridging the Gap Among Patients, Caregivers & Physicians
MAMMA: Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism
The Tao of Healing: The Integration of Cannabis Therapeutics & Holistic Modalities
Holistic Medicine & Medical Marijuana: Exploring the Convergence
Traveling the Planet for Plant-Based Medicine
The Next Generation of Innovation in the Cannabis Industry
Hemp: The Most Underappreciated and Misunderstood Crop

I would LOVE to hear about anyone of those topics! I know many, many other people out there that would love to learn more about those topics too. If you are in that boat, the event is being held April 4-7. And the best part – it’s online, for FREE! You don’t even have to leave your house. This is becoming a trend for events, and I couldn’t be happier since I can’t make it to too many things. You can find out more about the event (and register!) at this link here.


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