Cannabis Food Truck Is An Example Of Ancillary Business Success


Magical Butter is based out of Seattle, Washington, and has been making great cannabis products for a handful of years now. Their magical butter machine has been very popular lately among people that want to make cannabis butter, tincture, and oils. Recently, Magical Butter rolled out a new product - the world's first cannabis food truck.

magical butter marijuana food truck

Food trucks have been growing in popularity lately, especially in the Pacific Northwest where Magical Butter is based. Portland, Oregon, is certainly known for its food trucks However, it seems that there has never been a food truck dedicated to cannabis infused foods. Per NPR:

The truck, called The Samich, rolls with a mascot: a flying, smiling stick of green butter. Yep. On the Samich menu at the Cannabis Cup were peanut butter and jelly, pulled pork and grilled cheese sandwiches along with tomato soup. Each dish contained oil, butter or cheese infused with THC, the mind-altering chemical in marijuana.

"[The food truck] gives a good platform to educate people about how to eat with cannabis, finding out what works, what might not work," Garyn Angel, CEO of Magical Butter, tells The Salt. "It's a non-threatening way for people to discover if it helps them at all."

Of course, proper dosage and warning labels need to be utilized and cannabis consumers, always need to use responsibly and never drive under the influence. Magical Butter's food truck and butter machine are great examples of ancillary cannabis businesses and the company will likely expand its food truck operations and be joined by competitors. Clearly, there is more to the industry than growing and selling cannabis. Want to join the next great American industry? Consider starting a food truck, or a different creative way to serve the cannabis community, which is growing daily.

Source: Oregon Cannabis Industry Association