March 22, 2016

CanopyBoulder Raises $2 Million For 2016 Marijuana Business Investments

March 22, 2016
canopy boulder canopyboulder

canopy boulder canopyboulderI am by no means a business expert. I learn more about as time goes by, but my skill set is more suited for being a Hobbit-sized weed blogger than it is being a titan of industry. I think there are a lot of people out there that have a great business idea, or may even be doing business right now on a small scale, but could definitely use their help in taking their company to the next level. That’s what companies like CanopyBoulder are for. CanopyBoulder is a marijuana business incubator, with a multi-week program to help participants build a solid foundation for their business and develop a solid strategy for success into the future.

Another thing that CanopyBoulder does is help its program participants with funding, which is vital to almost every business model when its starting out. It was recently announced that CanopyBoulder raised 2 million dollars to help out with its 2016 cohort. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

CanopyBoulder, a business accelerator based in Colorado, announced on Friday it has completed yet another seven-figure round of fundraising to invest in startups.

The accelerator raised $2 million to help new marijuana-related companies get off the ground in 2016 after raising $1.2 million last year for the same purpose. This year’s cash influx will be invested in two classes of companies that will go through a 16-week training and mentoring program.

“The 2015 CanopyBoulder alumni raised more than $10 million in capital to support their operations and we have high expectations for the 2016 classes,” CanopyBoulder co-founder and CEO Patrick Rea said in a statement.

I’m not exactly sure how it all works, because again, I wasn’t a business major in college (public policy!). But if you have an idea or want to launch a company and you need help taking your idea/company to the next level, you should definitely check out CanopyBoulder. You can check out their website at this link here, find them on Facebook at this link here, and follow them on Twitter at this link here.


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