October 2, 2015

Check Out The Willamette Week’s Lady Run Dispensary Tour

October 2, 2015
lady run portland willamette week dispensary tour

lady run portland willamette week dispensary tourHeard about a fun sounding event coming up in Portland. It’s a dispensary tour for ladies, put on by Willamette Week. Below are the details (get tickets at this link here):


as we visit four of Portland’s premiere lady-run dispensaries. Guests will ride in style with Old School PDX to each shop on the tour, meet the owners of each shop, and enjoy a customized shopping experience as you learn about each dispensary. Tour guides Sara Batterby and Leah Mauer, of Women Grow, will enlighten guests between shops with their local women-owned shops knowledge and answer questions about the emerging industry.

Participating Dispensaries include:

Green Goddess Remedies

Green Sky Collective

Home Grown Apothecary

Pure Green

This event is sponsored by: 

Bud Rub

Women Grow

She Don’t Know

Thursday, October 8
5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Starting Location: 5130 NE Fremont Street
21+ only
$35 / ticket

More about each dispensary…

“In 1934, an unmarked shopfront titled Store No. 2 quietly opened its doors. The store, one of Oregon’s four original post-Prohibition OLCC outposts, was wedged between Sandy and Halsey and later retitled to Hollywood Liquors. Eighty years later, the shop is once again braving the waves of a newly re-legal industry, helmed this time around by stalwart cannabis advocates Matt and Meghan Walstatter. A year and a half on from opening, Pure Green remains one of the city’s best and most well-rounded dispensaries, staffed by expert ‘tenders and with a wide selection of edibles, concentrates and oils on hand. Like a good tap list, the flower selection is well-considered and high quality, with around 20 strains on hand any given time. With its spacious and nattily appointed lobby and floor space, Pure Green is poised to be a standout come October.” - on wweek.com by WM WILLARD GREENE

“Home Grown’s product is just that—home grown, not to mention all organic. The dispensary distinguishes itself by also offering noncannabis herbal remedies, not to mention 10 different $10-$20 clones.” – on wweek.com by WM WILLARD GREENE

“GreenSky is a member of the league of newer dispensaries—the sort with painstaking curation and branding—with an aesthetic that is somewhere in between simplicity and millennial nostalgia. Outside, the sign is bright, tropical colors, with an emojilike owl symbol. Along the same lines, the reception area displays colorful portraits of marijuana activists through the ages, and white plaster animal busts stare at you from behind the desk. Inside the budroom, the mood drastically changes, with an innovative, rustic strain display and old-fashioned glass jars for the flower. In any case, the friendly service and variety of product is a welcome addition to the North Portland neighborhood along the MAX Yellow Line. The décor will seem a little too fancy for some stoners, but know that all flower is $10 a gram, and the collective fields a down-to-earth, knowledgeable team of budtenders. My favorite special is the “Weekend Wake & Bake,” which offers a free joint with any $30 purchase before 1 pm on weekends. GreenSky is a useful spot for those new to the dispensary scene or seeking less-potent medicine than the average product in the PDX market, with a wide selection of THC percentages below 20 percent and tasty low-dose edibles.” – on wweek.com by LAUREN TERRY

“We are located in the south west end of Portland, Oregon on Taylor’s Ferry Rd in a little house converted into an amazing display of marijuana and medicated products. It all started with an ambition to become more than just a pot shop getting people as “high” as possible. The true goal was for us to create a homely, spa like environment where people feel relaxed and encouraged to ask questions on any product we carry. Every patient is given expert advise as to which strain to smoke or how much of a dose to use. You will notice from the moment you pull into our parking lot that this is not your average dispensary. We have a garden in the back and flowers planted around the entire building. You can say it definitely has a woman’s touch to it. The owner Sally has had a passion for holistic health and helping others so it’s a blessing to her to have create an environment where people can come without embarrassment to be treated with alternative medicine.” – greengoddessrem.com

Have questions about Willamette Week’s Lady-Run Dispensary Tour? Contact Willamette Week

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