Colorado Health Authorities Wanted To Ban Marijuana Edibles


Consuming marijuana edibles is much healthier than smoking marijuana. However, marijuana edibles have become the new villain in recent reefer madness campaigns. Maureen Dowd is partly to blame, after she had a bad experience when she couldn't handle her marijuana edible experience. Bad parents are to blame too, as a handful of kids have had to go to a Denver hospital after getting their hands on marijuana edibles (something which occurs whether marijuana is legal or not by the way). Stories like that resulted in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment putting out a proposal to ban most marijuana edibles, a proposal that was quickly shelved. Per the Gazette:

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Colorado health authorities suggested banning many forms of edible marijuana, including brownies and cookies, then whipsawed away from the suggestion Monday after it went public.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment told state pot regulators they should limit edible pot on shelves to hard lozenges and tinctures, which are a form of liquid pot that can be added to foods and drinks.

The suggestion sparked marijuana industry outrage and legal concerns from a regulatory workgroup that met Monday to review the agency's suggestion. Colorado's 2012 marijuana-legalization measure says retail pot is legal in all forms.

Marijuana edibles are not a bad thing. Marijuana edibles eaten by the wrong people can be a very bad thing. That's why marijuana edibles should only be purchased and consumed by adults who know what they are doing. Every responsible marijuana consumer in America knows that you shouldn't eat too many edibles, and definitely under no circumstances should edibles be given to children. Consumers need to take responsibility so that they don't ruin marijuana edible availability for the rest of us.