Colorado Marijuana Edible Rules Will Be A Hot Topic Next Legislative Session


A meeting was held yesterday in Colorado to try to determine new rules for marijuana edibles. That meeting didn't result in anything meaningful, and the group tasked with creating new regulations decided to instead offer up various recommendations to the Colorado Legislature. Per the Denver Post:

marijuana red velvet brownies

Colorado's first attempt at better regulating edible marijuana products ended in discord Monday when a working group on the issue adjourned without reaching a consensus.

Instead, the working group --- which had been meeting for months --- decided to submit more than a dozen different and often conflicting ideas for new regulations to the legislature, which will re-argue the issue beginning in January.

"It's a wide-open game starting Jan. 7, when we get back in session," state Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, said Monday at the conclusion of the working group's final meeting.

I have always felt that establishing new marijuana edible rules is an attempt to fix a problem that doesn't exist. Marijuana edibles are not cheap, and marijuana consumers aren't freely giving them out to anyone of any age, let alone children. Most marijuana consumers are responsible, and don't leave their edibles out for children to swoop up. With that being said, some edibles will get in the hands of children from time to time, just as alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical drugs end up being misused by children. New regulations won't fix that. Dumb people will continue to be dumb, plain and simple. But then again, I don't run an edible company, so new regulations won't affect me. Do you run a marijuana edible company? If so, how do you feel about the need to draft new regulations? If you support more regulations, what do you feel they should be?