August 2, 2014

Denver Cannabis Food Inspector Is Pleased With Edible Companies

August 2, 2014
marijuana oatmeal cookies

marijuana oatmeal cookiesMarijuana edibles have been the trickiest part of the growing marijuana industry in Colorado. Whereas flower and concentrates are pretty straight forward, edibles have additional processes that need to be considered by regulators. That’s not to say that regulating flower and concentrates is easy, but they are much easier than edibles due to the fact that edibles have food handling issues to consider.

The demand for edibles has been rising ever since legal marijuana sales started in Colorado January 1st. Not everyone wants to smoke marijuana, nor does everyone own a vaporizer or dab rig. For many people, eating marijuana provides a more thorough, longer lasting high. Plus, if you get the right edible to suit your preference, they can be quite tasty. I know I certainly enjoy a cannabis infused treat from time to time over a bowl of flower.

The increase in popularity for edibles has corresponded with an increased level of criticism from marijuana opponents. If one was to listen to people like Kevin Sabet, one would think that the marijuana edible industry in places like Denver is ripe with problems and issues. According to Denver Food Inspector Danica Lee, that’s not the case. Marijuana Business Daily interviewed Ms. Lee and asked her ‘What types of violations do you traditionally see with edibles companies?’ Below is Ms. Lee’s response:

There are a lot of parallels in the violation rates for marijuana and non-marijuana food companies, and we’re seeing similar violations.

Mostly it’s improper storage of edible products, or edible material being stored at improper temperatures. But I wouldn’t say there is a compliance problem. Overall we’re seeing an increase in compliance from [marijuana] facilities, and they are eager to correct violations when they do arise.

Marijuana edible regulations are an evolving thing. Marijuana edible’s popularity will likely continue to grow, and the regulations and rules surrounding them will continue to adapt. Edible companies want to do things right, and as long as regulations and rules are reasonable, I’d expect these companies to continue to comply with little to no problems.

Source: Oregon Cannabis Industry Association


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