Don't Support Marijuana Businesses That Don't Support You


The fight to reform marijuana laws in America has been going on since it first became illegal many decades ago. Marijuana supporters have endured a lot - public ridicule, arrest, loss of assets, etc. There have been recent victories, but only after a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and treasure were spent.

marijuana greed

One of my biggest pet peeves is when profiteers try to infiltrate the marijuana industry now that it is becoming more mainstream. These people only care about profits, and could care less about helping keep people out of jail, or helping sick patients. The only thing that motivates them is greed, and they would throw any marijuana activist, consumer, or patient under the bus if it made them one dollar more.

These profiteers are easy to spot. They were nowhere to be found prior to recreational and medical marijuana reform victories. They have never worked on a campaign, or even donated to a campaign. They didn't stand up for what's right until after the fight was over in their area, and they are now on the scene acting like they helped contribute.

There are dispensary owners in Colorado that encouraged their customers to vote no on Amendment 64, yet are now opening recreational marijuana stores. Next time you plan on spending your hard earned money on a marijuana product or marijuana itself, do your homework. Don't support marijuana businesses that don't support you. Instead, support businesses that have fought on your behalf. If the business owner wasn't around for the struggle, they shouldn't be around for the reward.

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