August 15, 2014

Former Colorado Jail May Be Used To Cultivate Marijuana

August 15, 2014
colorado jail marijuana

colorado jail marijuanaFor a long time, thousands of people were arrested and prosecuted for cannabis in Colorado. Too many of those people went to jail.  Now that marijuana arrests have plummeted in Colorado, it was great to read a recent article on Marijuana.Com discussing how a former jail in Colorado may become an indoor cannabis garden that provides jobs and generates revenue for the local economy. Per Marijuana.Com:

 He said he wants to manufacture a product that is legal in Colorado and that would create jobs and increase revenue for Brush.

According to Erker, the facility could initially generate 31 jobs and substantial tax revenue, which could help build better schools, and that such tax revenue from marijuana sales in the state is only available to communities that participate in the production or sale of marijuana.

Erker said the facility would be protected “by a fence away from the rest of community and that we would want off duty officers there.”

Brush, Colorado, currently has a moratorium on cannabis businesses until 2016, so Mr. Erker’s ambitions will have to wait awhile. However, the fact that he is pursuing such a venture is a great sign that Colorado is putting the days of cannabis prohibition behind them, just as our nation did with alcohol prohibition before it. Maybe if Erker can prove he can provide enough jobs to the area, maybe the moratorium will be lifted sooner than later. As one person said on Twitter, it’s akin to the old saying ‘turning swords into shovels,’ but for cannabis.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference


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