Hackers Steal $100,000 In Bitcoins From Cannabis Road


Buying marijuana over the internet is a shady business. As I've always told people, don't do it. You may want to do it. You may be so desperate to do it that you try to convince yourself that it will work out. But even then, DON'T DO IT. Buying marijuana over the internet is very much illegal, so the likelihood of you trying to purchase marijuana from a narc is high, and the likelihood of you trying to buy marijuana from a jacker is even higher.

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I've had numerous people contact me over the years complaining about how they sent money to someone, but never received anything. I then have to give them the sad explanation that the person either never planned on sending anything and took the money and ran, or the marijuana was intercepted by the post office or cops during transit. That explanation is usually followed with a lecture about why they should never, ever do it again. As if buying marijuana on the internet isn't shady enough, it looks like hackers are stealing bitcoins from Cannabis Road, which is a popular site for marijuana transactions on the internet. Per Marijuana.Com:

The black market marijuana site Cannabis Road was hacked and robbed last week. Cannabis Road now remains offline after the attack extracted 200 BitCoins, or just over $100,000, according to a recent story by Coindesk.

Ironically, Cannabis Road was in the midst of upgrading its security architecture when the attack struck. The added security came in the wake of a number of smaller attacks, or attempted attacks, toward the online wallet.

People have tried to send me money via Bitcoin before, and I always refuse. Hackers and theives can steal the bitcoins in transit very easily according to Jay Smoker, and he is the smartest person I know when it comes to computer related knowledge. Don't try to buy marjuana over the internet, ever. Just because someone has done it before successfully doesn't mean that you will be successful. And if something happens to your money and you never get the product, you literally have no way of pursuing a remedy. And in an even worse case scenario, you could be arrested for trying to make the purchase.