December 28, 2014

How Many New Marijuana Industry Jobs Will Be Created In 2015?

December 28, 2014
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colorado marijuana jobsOne of the main arguing points in the marijuana debate is that the marijuana industry, if legalized, would create much needed jobs. Not just one or two jobs, but potentially tens of thousands of jobs. It’s estimated that over 10,000 marijuana jobs already exist in Colorado, and thousands more in Washington. Add to that California and other states that have a medical marijuana industry, and soon recreational marijuana jobs in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C., and that’s a lot of jobs already in existence.

How many new jobs will we see created in 2015? One company has made the bold claim that 2015 will see over 200,000 new marijuana industry jobs created. While I think that’s an optimistic number, I’m willing to go as far as saying that 2015 could see the most jobs ever created in the marijuana industry in one year. The industry keeps getting larger, and there will no doubt continue to be a growing need for master gardeners, trimmers, processors, dispensary budtenders, etc. Below is a press release from the previously hinted at company, Canna Insider, which has some bold predictions for 2015. Feel free to post your opinions in the comments:

Colorado and Washington State are not the only states that have legalized adult use of cannabis. Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. ended prohibition during the November 2014 elections.

The benefits of legalizing cannabis are manifold. There are the most frequently noted and obvious benefits like the increased tax revenue for state and local governments, in addition to reduced stress on the criminal justice system. However the biggest advantage of legalizing adult use of cannabis is increased job growth. has estimated that states that have passed adult use of cannabis will create over 200,000 new jobs in the cannabis field in 2015. provides a comprehensive list of some of these job descriptions created by the cannabis industry, allowing people to become familiar with these new opportunities.

One new job that is highly sought after is that of a “bud tender” — the term originally derived from “bar tender” — which describes the sommelier of the cannabis world. It is the job of the bud tender to help a medical marijuana patient or recreational user understand the best strain of cannabis for a specific desired effect. It is not uncommon for bud tenders to have huge tip jars filled by grateful patrons.

Other positions resulted from the cannabis industry hold the titles of: edible artisan, extraction technician, and dispensary manager. While a stigma remains associated with cannabis use in many parts of the country, it is fading fast – especially among young adults in the “Millennial” generation who are struggling to pay off student loans and may still be living with their parents.

Melissa Hopkins of Broomfield Colorado was recently hired in a cannabis-testing lab in Denver. “I graduated with a sociology degree last year, and it has been a struggle to find full-time work. I am excited by the job opportunities in the cannabis space, I feel like this industry is here to stay and I can work my way up the ladder.”

According to Matt Karnes, Founder and Managing Partner of GreenWave Advisors, LLC, an independent financial research and advisory firm for the marijuana industry, “By 2020, assuming the most likely progression of state by state legalization, we expect the combined (medical and adult use) retail marijuana market to reach $21 Billion. Jobs are just the beginning, a cultural shift towards the cannabis plant is taking place.”

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