May 20, 2012

If You Could Have Any Job In The Cannabis Industry, What Would It Be?

May 20, 2012

indoor-grow-roomThe Cannabis Industry Is Hiring – What Job Are You Trying To Get?

The cannabis industry is booming, and everyone knows it. And not just dispensaries and gardens. Ancillary businesses are sprouting up everyday and taking off like something out of a movie. Whether it’s entertainment, a product, a service, media, etc, the cannabis industry is growing at a neck-breaking pace, and people are hiring. If you are trying to get into the cannabis industry, what job are you trying to get? With so many fantastic positions, it’s hard to choose.

It wasn’t that long ago that I remember helping my friend with his garden and we were talking about how great it would be to tend a garden full time for a living. At the time it seemed realistic, but a long way off. Zoom forward just a few years, and a large amount of my friends are employed in some fashion at a garden, whether it’s feeding, trimming, cleaning, or doing general help. These are full time jobs for people that otherwise would be doing nothing during their days.

A job that I think would be exciting would be a sales associate for a cannabis company. I saw a video one time of a lady that travels around California selling seeds for seed companies. She talked about how much funner it is than any other job she has ever had. She gets to travel and talk about cannabis all day. Traveling isn’t for everyone, but for those that don’t mind it, doing sales for a cannabis company is a pretty sweet gig.

Most of my friends either work at, or want to work at, a dispensary. On the movie Half Baked Brian works at a used record store – ‘the perfect job for a stoner.’ I worked at a used record store, and Ninjasmoker worked at a dispensary, and I assure you, the dispensary was much cooler (and didn’t smell like dust!). I met a guy in Colorado when we were there that just rolled joints all day. For people in a state that doesn’t have medical marijuana, could you imagine getting paid to roll joints for 8 hours a day using a machine?

A job that a lot of people don’t think about is being a marijuana activist. There’s not a lot of paying jobs for marijuana activism, but there are some. I can’t think of too many thinks better than getting paid to change the world for the better, can you? Marijuana activism is far from structured, so as a result, cracking into a paid position can be a bit tricky. All I can say is stay active, do your research, and look into an internship. If you’re able to do those things, good things will happen.

So what do you think is a great job in the cannabis industry? There’s so many now, it would be impossible to compile a comprehensive list of all of them. We need you to comment below so that others that are looking can benefit from your tips and comments!



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