June 21, 2014

Main Street Marijuana Store To Open In Vancouver, Washington Next Month

June 21, 2014
washington state medical marijuana raids

washington state medical marijuana raidsAs an Oregon resident, I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the first retail marijuana store in Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver is the closest city in Washington to where I live. I don’t currently have an Oregon medical marijuana card, so frequenting a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon is not an option. I want to be able to go into an establishment and purchase CO2 oil for my vape pen, and as of right now, there’s no where for me to go.

It sounds like the first retail marijuana store in Vancouver, Washington will be Main Street Marijuana, which expects to open either July 1st, or July 8th depending on when they are allowed to open for customers. The retail store will be located at 2314 Main Street in Vancouver. The location was previously occupied by Pacific Jewelers. Main Street Marijuana will not only be the first retail store in Vancouver, it will also be the first retail store in all of Clark County, Washington.

I’m hopeful that CO2 oil will be available at the location. I can get flower all day, and BHO, but CO2 oil is nearly impossible to find where I’m at. I can get my hands on a pen that uses BHO, but I prefer CO2 oil in my Open Vape pen because it’s ninja enough that I can use it while on break at work. From what it sounds like, there will be shortages at first when Main Street Marijuana opens, and high prices. Per The Columbian:

“There’s a million little things we’re dealing with as far as the license and getting the business ready,” Hamide said. “Product, though, is probably the biggest issue right now.”

At least one other store in a more eastern part of the city is also planning for a July opening, but owners weren’t yet ready to go on the record. Products may be hard to come by for the first group of stores. To date only one marijuana producer, CannaMan Farms, has been licensed in Vancouver. That probably means prices will be a little high to start, but Hamide said the company will do what it can to offset them by offering special deals on glassware or other items.

“It will probably be around $20 to $25 a gram to start,” Hamide said. “Then maybe $15 to $20 the first few months and hopefully down to $12 or $15 ongoing. Right now we’re trying to get as much stock as we can.”

I can’t wait until Oregon legalizes marijuana in November. Getting a medical marijuana card in Oregon is out of my price range right now, and it will be nice to go into a legal store and purchase marijuana without having to pay a doctor and the State of Oregon. It’s worth noting that purchasing marijuana in Washington and bringing it back to Oregon is illegal, so I intend to consume all of the oil before crossing back over the Columbia River…


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