July 7, 2013

Marijuana Business Seminars In Vancouver, Washington

July 7, 2013
washington state marijuana regulations

washington state marijuana seminar businessAre you looking to get into the marijuana industry in Washington now that marijuana has been legalized? Don’t know where to start? I received a press release below that might be a good starting point. Figured I’d pass it along:

Acinonyx Academy has announced the opening of a Vancouver, Washington location for Marijuana Business Seminars to comply with I-502 Recreation Marijuana Business rules. “We are here to help the small businesses of our community. We plan on a series of community based educational opportunities – the first of which is a series of Marijuana Business Seminars. We want to help the people in our community who are already in the marijuana business to comply with the new rules being developed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Our program will assist recreational marijuana businesses become part of the local economy and the local business community,” says Paula Tschida, founder of Acinonyx Academy.

The goal of these educational seminars is to assist small companies – the so-called Mom and Pop marijuana businesses. There are many small marijuana businesses already selling marijuana-infused products or growing marijuana for the Medical Marijuana Industry. Acinonyx Academy’s program provides small classes focusing on different facets of the marijuana business so a businessperson need not take a class about the rules surrounding marijuana growing if their intention is to process marijuana-infused products or sell products at a retail level.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is issuing a final draft of the rules regarding the issuance of Marijuana Business Licenses on July 3, 2013. While these rules will still be up for discussion, they will provide the basic foundation for most marijuana businesses. There will only be a 30 day window for businesspeople to apply for a marijuana business license and this program will prepare businesspeople to meet this tight deadline. A full list of seminars will be posted on Acinonyx Academy’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AcinonyxAcademy

Acinonyx Academy will also provide training for the employees of marijuana businesses as required by OSHA, WSLCB and other government agencies.

Acinonyx Academy will be holding seminars at their new location in the Totem Pole Shopping Center (corner of NE Highway 99 and NE 78th Street) in Vancouver, Washington.


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