August 27, 2015

Meet Eclipse Farm-Ecology Tomorrow At Panacea Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Portland

August 27, 2015
eclipse farm-ecology panacea medical marijuana

Earlier this week I wrote an article about my favorite new dispensary called Panacea in Portland, Oregon. Panacea will donate 10% of its profits to social justice causes, in addition to a number of other amazing things. Plus, their meds are all the cleanest I have ever seen. They have a ‘farm to table’ model that they operate off of, and only deal with a handful of growers that make sure that there are no pesticides, fungicides, etc. used on any of the products that they carry.

One of the companies that supplies products to Panacea is Eclipse Farm-Ecology. You may remember their name from some of my BHO reviews, including their Romulan, Blue Dream, Mana Gooey, and OG Kush BHO. I am currently consuming some of their Jager strain BHO, so expect a review of that soon. I have yet to consume Eclipse Farm-Ecology products that aren’t top shelf. I have a pecking order with the oil that I consume, and Eclipse Farm-Ecology is always at the top of the list. Only when I run out of Eclipse Farm-Ecology oil do I then break into the other kinds that I have in my stash.

Eclipse Farm-Ecology only sources organic cannabis for their products, and even then only from growers that minimize their carbon footprint. They are some of the most ethical growers and processors that I have ever met, and that’s why I’m rooting so much for them to succeed. I don’t really think it’s that hard to convince people, it’s really just about getting people to try their products and the superior quality becomes quickly apparent.

And luckily for OMMP patients, they are doing a ‘meet the makers’ event at Panacea tomorrow from 5pm-8pm and will be giving out free samples to OMMP patients while supplies last. Panacea is located at 6714 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, Oregon 97213. I plan on swinging by to say hello, and hope that you do the same. Panacea and Eclipse Farm-Ecology are local businesses that are doing things the right way, and are providing meds that are some of the best I’ve ever seen. They truly care about compassion and making the world a better place, and they deserve your support. See you there tomorrow!

eclipse farm-ecology panacea medical marijuana


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