November 6, 2014

Nevada Awards Marijuana Business Licenses

November 6, 2014
Nevada medical Marijuana dispensaries

Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesThe medical marijuana industry in Nevada is about to launch, and I’d imagine it will get quite large very fast. Nevada took a major step in that direction by issuing 371 business licenses for marijuana businesses this week. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services on Monday awarded 55 preliminary licenses for dispensaries and more than 300 for permits other types of medical cannabis businesses.

The state was particularly generous to companies looking to establish marijuana cultivation sites, approving 182 applicants who want to grow cannabis. It also granted 117 licenses for production facilities – which will make infused products – and 17 for testing labs. Nevada health officials turned down just one application each for cultivators, producers and labs.

On the other hand, just 55 of the 199 groups that applied for dispensary licenses received preliminary licenses. The main reason for the low approval rate: Nevada limits the number of dispensaries by county, so it was a given that most applicants would not win a permit.

The City of Las Vegas, which will be by far the largest marketplace for the medical marijuana industry in Nevada, approved 26 dispensary licenses. There were 50 applicants for medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Las Vegas, but many were turned down for various reasons. I can’t wait until Nevada fully legalizes marijuana, so that while I’m on vacation in Vegas, I can go into a store and make a purchase. Nevada intends to serve out of state patients at dispensaries, so if you have a medical card, you will be able to get safe access while visiting.


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