July 16, 2015

Oregon Medical Marijuana Company Raises $1.8 Million To Expand Operations

July 16, 2015
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indoor marijuana gardenThe Attis Group, Inc. (ATTIS), an Oregon-based cannabis cultivator, processor and dispensary owner, has entered into an agreement with Las Vegas, Nevada firm Electrum Partners to help develop plans to expand ATTIS’ business operations.

The announcement was made in a joint statement by ATTIS CEO Eli Bilton and Leslie Bocskor, Managing Partner at Electrum Partners, “The relationship between ATTIS and Electrum Partners is a catalyst for the continued growth and expansion of ATTIS in the cannabis industry. ATTIS is well positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities based on its wide ranging industry experience coupled with the ongoing support of Electrum Partners.”

In addition, ATTIS announced it has received $1.8 Million in funding to expand business operations in Oregon.

Eli Bilton, CEO of ATTIS Group Inc., and notable operator in the industry, intends to capitalize on the legalization of cannabis in Oregon and emerging markets across the United States. ATTIS and Electrum Partners will work together to build a brand that is recognized for the highest quality. Electrum Partners will provide ATTIS with services including business development, finance related consultation, branding, market strategy, and corporate communications.  The alliance allows ATTIS to incorporate the support of Electrum Partners’ veteran leadership team throughout the development of its business.

The ATTIS Group, Inc. is a vertically integrated company in the cannabis industry. The Company’s mission is to set the standard for premium quality products and establish a nationally recognized brand for excellence. Formed by industry recognized grower, Eli Bilton, ATTIS has assembled a team of experts in the areas of cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis products. The Company is headquartered in Oregon.

Electrum Partners, LLC is based in Las Vegas Nevada and offers strategic management and advisory services to a select group of public and private companies that are looking to maximize shareholder value, develop strategic relationships and expand operations, as well as companies that are making the private-to-public transition. Lead by Managing Partner and industry stalwart, Leslie Bocskor, the firm provides business services, strategic guidance, relationship management and industry-specific expertise to those operating within the United States legal cannabis industry. For more information, visit www.electrumpartners.com.

Source: PR Newswire


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