Oregon's Empower Oil Named Top Ten Topical Company By High Times


After a wasteful arrest for growing three small plants for medical purposes in 2003, Trista Okel was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. First, she was naturally relieved. Then, she grew angry that she, and many others like her, are needlessly persecuted and prosecuted. She didn't rest on her laurels. She became empowered to speak out against the harmful consequences of prohibition and in support of the medical benefits of cannabis. The strength that it took to publicly support cannabis law reform, despite the social stigma attached to it, led her to create Empower Oils. Her company was recently named one of the "Top 10 Topicals Companies" in the country by High Times.

empower marijuana oil

According to its website, Empower Oil "is a healing blend of aromatic, therapeutic essential oils combined with cannabis infused, skin nourishing oils for topical pain relief and aromatherapy all in one." And many testimonials from her customers demonstrate that many people are indeed benefiting from the product:

"I've been using this on my bursitis on my shoulder with great success...I stopped using for a few days and the pain returned...I started using it again and the pain subsided and my range of motion improved....Great stuff..I am now a fan of your oil...Good luck...I'd like to see [Empower Oil] in everybody's medicine cabinet...Located on the Health Aids aisle in stores."

"Empower oil works miraculously on painful areas, especially joints and muscles."

"I tried Empower Oil on my husband's sore back, and he can't believe how effective the oil is for pain relief!"

With testimonials like these, it's not surprising that the company has taken off and is a featured oil at several medical marijuana facilities including Bloom Well (Bend), the Agrestic (Corvallis), Collective Awakenings (Portland), Oregon's Finest (Portland), the Greener Side (Eugene) and Next Level Wellness (Eugene). Empower Therapeutic soaking salts will be available at the end of this month as well, so please check out Empower's website and Facebook page for updates.

Source: Oregon Cannabis Business Association