Seattle's City Attorney Pete Holmes Among First Legal Marijuana Customers


It has been a very big week for the marijuana industry in Washington. Legal marijuana sales started in Washington on Tuesday, July 7th. It was a day that marijuana opponents said would be the start of the end. For marijuana supporters, it was a day to prove to the world that yet another state in America could allow legal recreational marijuana sales without the sky falling. Considering the fact that the roll out was smooth and that there were no major problems reported, I'd say that marijuana opponent's claims were nothing more than reefer madness.

seattle city attorney pete holmes marijuana

The opening day of marijuana sales in Washington was full of long lines, media buzz, and high prices. Something that was very interesting to see was that among the first customers to buy legal marijuana was Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes. Pete Holmes made his purchase at Cannabis City in Seattle Tuesday. Per Q13Fox:

"The most important take away here is that today marijuana sales became legal and I'm here to personally exercise myself this new freedom," said Holmes.

"I bought 2-2 gram bags of OG pearl which was recommended," said Holmes. "I'm keeping one bag for posterity and one for personal enjoyment at some point when it's appropriate."

"This can happen responsibly," said Holmes.  "Driving this market this industry this amazingly demanded product into the shadows does not advance public safety.  The best way you can support law enforcement is to make this legal and regulate it and tax it and that's the message here."

Pete Holmes is a perfect example of a successful, smart person who is a cannabis consumer. When exactly Pete Holmes will consume his 2 grams of OG Pearl is not clear, but the fact that he was willing to tell the media that he purchased it to eventually consume it is awesome. Long gone are the days when you bought a 'lid' of marijuana from your counter culture rocker friend or weird uncle. Now, in both Colorado and Washington, you can go into a store and make a legal purchase of marijuana. Just make sure to bring quite a bit of money, because that legal marijuana isn't cheap!