Second Legal Marijuana Store To Open In Seattle Tuesday


The roll out of legal recreational marijuana stores in Seattle has been very, very slow. As of the posting of this article, there is still just one marijuana store in Seattle, which is Washington State's largest city, and even that one store took a long time to start making sales. Seattle is set to open it's second marijuana store this week. Per Seattle PI:

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Finally! Seattle's second I-502, legal marijuana retailer is getting ready to open at 23rd Ave. and E. Union St. in Seattle next week.

Ian Eisenberg, the owner of "Uncle Ike's" at 2310 East Union St., confirmed today that his shop is licensed and while they have "a million things that have to all come together in the meantime" they're planning on opening Tuesday.

Seattle is obviously Washington State's largest market for legal recreational marijuana sales. If the Washington marijuana industry is going to be successful, there obviously needs to be more stores in Seattle than the current one, or two if you count the one that is opening tomorrow. Prices in Washington are still high, and supplies are still short. Those are issues that need to be addressed if the industry is to thrive like it is right now in Colorado.