Suburban Cannabis Stores Around Denver Are Thriving


The roll-out of retail cannabis sales in Denver's suburbs has been slow due to local bans in some areas. Those that have opened so far are thriving due to the lack of competition. Just because an area bans shops doesn't mean that demand goes away. Demand still finds a supply, it just finds it elsewhere. That's good news for some store owners. Per The Denver Post:

colorado legal marijuana sales

"Jeremy Kindle, general manager of New Age Medical in Edgewater, said his shop has undoubtedly been the beneficiary of the exploding demand for legal weed in the state.

Since New Age added a recreational component to its longtime medical marijuana business on April 1, sales of recreational pot have at times exceeded the medicinal side tenfold.

Kindle credits much of New Age's success to the attitude that officials in Edgewater show toward pot retailers in the city --- charging a nominal licensing fee and keeping red tape to a minimum."

With most businesses, location means everything. This is kind of true for cannabis businesses, as location is still important. However, due to bans, location is usually predetermined for cannabis businesses. Cannabis businesses simply have to open where they can. fortunately, the supply in Colorado is still struggling to keep up at times with demand, so locations will be found wherever they are.

I'm hopeful that areas which currently have bans will see how smooth things are going elsewhere and lift their bans. Cannabis businesses are good neighbors, and provide solid jobs for local communities. The security measures at stores benefit neighbors too, as surveillance and security guards that are for the store also deter criminal activities from happening in the surround area. Retail stores in Denver's suburbs are a great example of how the cannabis industry can assimilate into communities successfully, if they given the chance.

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