April 10, 2015

Support The Minority Cannabis Funding Project

April 10, 2015
minority cannabis industry association

minority cannabis industry associationEarlier this month I posted an article about the Minority Cannabis Industry Association. I think it’s a fantastic organization. The Minority Cannabis Industry Association is doing a crowd funding project on Go Fund Me to help get the organization’s efforts in full swing. If you are able, I encourage you to make a donation at this link here. Below are more details:

The Minority Cannabis Industry Association is the first non-profit organization created to service the specific needs and interests of minority cannabis entrepreneurs, investors and patients. By developing a strong nationwide network of cannabis business owners within a variety of disciplines (including ancillary businesses), advocating for creation and fair enforcement of sensible policies, and serving as a voice for the minority population, we provide unmatched value to this industry and our membership. Please browse our site to see our focused programs, events and services. If you want to know more or join the MCIA, sign up for our mailing list and/or become a member of the MCIA. The movement needs you!

Here is a list of our current funding needs:
– Legal Counsel
– Local and National Programming
– Conference representation
– 2 full time staff members
– 4 full time interns

While the 100k goal will not fulfill the above needs in their entirety, this milestone will be a tremendous boost towards our end goal. We welcome any and all volunteers who may be able to assist the organization.

Currently we are working across 3 main thrusts:
Economic Empowerment
Social Justice
Patient Awareness

Economic Empowerment
MCIA is committed to economic equality and excellence within the cannabis industry. We provide access to quality industry training and networking opportunities that help to reduce the diversity divide within the cannabis industry. We assist minorities, and all interested in furthering this cause, by helping to find jobs and sustainable business opportunities in this fast-paced and exciting industry. Sample Programs: Business Directory Listings of People of color and women, discounted consulting services and classes, mentorship, speakers bureau, Marketing representation feedback and consumer insight, market research.

Social Justice
Studies show that the criminalization of marijuana continues to disproportionately affect minorities in a negative way. It is MCIA’s objective to serve in eradicating this pervasive inequality. We do so by providing education on the history, culture and politics of the cannabis industry. We not only advocate for the creation of sensible and effective laws and policies, but also for the fair execution of such. In addition, we work with state and nationwide legal experts and other likeminded organizations to provide legal help and industry job assistance to those who have been unjustly charged with marijuana convictions. Sample Programs: Expungement program, mentorship, speakers bureau, voter drives

Patient Awareness
The responsible use of cannabis has been reported to assist in the treatment of a number of medical ailments and social conditions, many of which affect the minority community at exceeding rates. The MCIA exists to strengthen patient knowledge about their rights, treatment options and access points. We believe in patient advocacy and patient centric business practices. Our members enjoy access to important information about effective medical use of cannabis, progressive scientific studies, local laws, how to become a patient and more. Sample Programs: Educating people of color and women about how cannabis can help their unique needs, assistance with patient access.

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