June 29, 2015

Thank You To All Of The Women Grow Portland Chapter Sponsors!

June 29, 2015
thank you the weed blog

thank you the weed blogI love the Women Grow chapter in Portland, Oregon. I think that any avid TWB reader knows that by now. I remember when my friend Leah told my wife that she was co-founding the chapter with Sara Batterby, I was very excited to see it launch. I haven’t met Sara yet, but I know that she is very good at what she does proven by how successful the Portland Women Grow Chapter has been thus far. Leah of course is one of my heroes. Her and her husband Travis helped lead the fight to legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon, and are at the forefront of the rapidly growing marijuana industry in Portland (and I’m eternally thankful to them for their activism!)

This is a very, very exciting time in Oregon for marijuana consumers and entrepreneurs. In less than 48 hours the possession and cultivation of marijuana will be legal in Oregon. It’s expected that recreational marijuana sales will start in Oregon on October 1 at existing medical marijuana dispensaries. The industry is booming all across the state, with Portland being the largest market by far for all things marijuana. There are so many talented female cannabis entrepreneurs in Portland it’s mind blowing. The Portland Women Grow Chapter gives them a chance to network, learn, and help others succeed. It’s truly an invaluable entity.

That’s why I’m so thankful to all of the sponsors that are backing the chapter. It’s my understanding that the Portland Women Grow Chapter is the fastest growing chapter in the nation, and it wouldn’t be possible without the chapter’s sponsors. The industry in Portland is growing at a neck-breaking pace, and the Women Grow chapter is helping to ensure that female entrepreneurs get a chance to get in on the action. Some of the ideas I have seen come out of the chapter events are nothing short of stellar, and I am confident that there will be some national brands that are born out of the Portland Women Grow Chapter.

If you own a marijuana business, you should strongly consider sponsoring the Portland Women Grow Chapter. Not only will you be helping other entrepreneurs chase their dreams, but you will also be getting your name out there to others involved in the Portland marijuana scene. Below are the current sustaining sponsors, and if you want to join them (which you should!), send an e-mail to duhunna@gmail.com:

Cascadia Labs

New Approach Bookkeeping

Hifi Farms

The Weed Blog

Green Haus

Fresh Buds Dispensary

Larkins-Vacura LLC

True North Extracts

Medical Marijuana Card Services Clinic

Barlow Road Farms

Emerge Law Group

Duff-Johnson Consulting


Green Leaf Labs


5th LMNT

Thank you to all of the Portland Women Grow Chapter sustaining sponsors!

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