There's More To The Marijuana Industry Than Growing And Selling Marijuana


Whenever I ask people on Facebook or in person what area of the marijuana industry they are trying to crack into, the answer almost always involves growing or selling marijuana. I always point out to them that there are many other ancillary ways to get into the industry, and that maybe they should consider going that route since there are so many people trying to grow and sell marijuana.

small marijuana garden

Don't get me wrong, if people have their heart set on growing marijuana or opening a retail outlet, by all means those are rewarding pursuits. I grew marijuana for a long time, and it was something that I could see people making into a lifelong career. Selling marijuana is also very fun, and can be very profitable if done right.

However, both options carry risks, especially risks that involve federal raids, asset forfeiture, etc. Compare that to ancillary areas of the marijuana industry which are completely legal at the state and federal level. Also, if you pursue the right idea, there is likely much less competition out there.

A lot of the most successful people in the industry don't grow or sell marijuana. Take for instance my friend Justin Hartfield from WeedMaps. That guy has more money than anyone else that I know, even more money than industrial garden owners and successful dispensary owners that I know. He doesn't grow or sell marijuana, but came up with a great ancillary idea and is reaping the benefits on a level that most growers and sellers can only dream about.

Are you trying to get into the marijuana industry in a way that doesn't involve being a grower or seller? If so, what area? Are you a potential grower or seller that doesn't care about how many other people are trying to pursue the same goal? If so, how do you plan to rise above the rest?

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