Tommy Chong Wants To Take Over The Marijuana Industry


There is a lot of talk about branding in the marijuana industry. There are people that want to re-brand the marijuana industry to 'weed out the stoners.' There are people that want to use the names of deceased marijuana icons to promote their products and strains. It appears now that one of the biggest names in the marijuana world, Tommy Chong, wants to become the 'Sam Walton of marijuana.' Per Forbes:

Tommy Chong high times cannabis cup

In the Wild West that is the emerging legal cannabis sector, one thing is missing so far: A recognizable brand name. Tommy Chong aims to change that.

The 76-year-old veteran of stoner-comedy duo Cheech and Chong has lent his endorsement to several pot-related products already --- his Chong Star brand cannabis blend debuts in Colorado next week, there's hemp-infused Chongwater in the works, and he's also getting buzz for his line of clothing wipes that remove that telltale pot reek. More products bearing Chong's likeness are on the way, he says, possibly including a "Chongrola" joint rolling machine that'll make his signature giant-sized spliffs, from Amsterdam-based Futurola.

Long before Chong Star, Chongwater, or the Chongrola, I was given a bong by Jay Smoker that was tied to Tommy Chong. Tommy Chong and his son created a line of bongs called 'Chong Bongs.' They were absolutely the best bongs I had ever hit off of, and I still cherish mine to this day. I look forward to everything that Tommy Chong has planned for the marijuana industry, and can't wait to get my hands on all of his products.