Washington Governor - No Cartoons On Marijuana Packaging

marijuana cartoons

(via depositphotos.com)

The tobacco and alcohol industries have both used clever logos and marketing tactics to market their products to younger consumers. I started grade school in the 1980's, and it wasn't uncommon to see a fellow student wearing a Joe Camel t-shirt or a caricature of Spuds Mackenzie on a hat. Those marketing tactics have long since been banned because there is no place for marketing those types of products to children.

As the recreational marijuana industry gets set to launch in Washington, Washington's Governor Jay Inslee has sent a message that the marijuana industry will not be allowed to use cartoon logos to market products. Per the Washington Times:

"We're not going to allow cartoons, we're not going to allow toys" to be sold as a gimmick with the marijuana products, Mr. Inslee said at a news conference to discuss how the state is going to keep legalize pot out of the hands of the younger-than-21 crowd.

He also said the state is going to implement strict rules about active ingredient labels on the marijuana packages and require sales people to submit to state-regulated lab tests to ensure product quality.

This is something that I think all marijuana businesses can get on board with. No one in the industry wants to market to kids, and while cartoon logos are fun, they are in no way vital to the success of the industry. Consumers care more about the products themselves than they do the labels. Marijuana business owners want to be responsible and good stewards of the next great American industry, so I don't see this being a problem.